Terracotta Warrior General


The Terracotta Warriors

Eight-thousand life-sized Terracotta Warriors with horses were discovered in 1974 by peasant farmers while digging a well. Buried over two thousand years ago, they were found in various battle formations from carrying bows and arrows to riding on horseback and are believed to be part of the First Emperor’s Guardian Force and Protectors in his afterlife.

These soldiers, considered the most significant archeological find of the 20th Century, are replicas of what the Imperial Guard would have looked like. Their life-like appearance is reflected carefully in the facial expressions of each figure giving the observer historical insight into the actual members of Emperor Qin’s army.



Painted Kneeling Archer

As one of the only remaining partially painted, excavated soldiers, the Kneeling Archer is the only warrior with well-preserved pigment reflecting the artisan’s skill The design of the soldier’s figure is strikingly true to life in his sense of motion.


Bronze Chariot and Horses

A team of strong horses richly adorned with gold and silver bridles is pulling an exquisite bronze chariot, the Vanguard of the Warrior Procession. This discovery represents the largest find of early delicate bronze works in the world.

Terracotta Warrior chariot & horses


Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and widely acclaimed as the Eighth Wonder of the World, it is the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME to view these amazing Terracotta Warriors in person!

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