Adult Workout Welcome

Bodyweight Squat

The Hindu Squat

The Proper Pushup

The Hindu Pushup

5 Position Standing Stretching Sequence

Quad, Hip Flexor & Hamstring Stretch

Frog Stretch

Hip & Glute Stretch

Front Kick Stretch

Side Front Kick Stretch

Side Kick Stretch

Back Kick Stretch

Stomach Flattener

The Vacuum

The Waist Turner

Back Arch & Bend

Dynamic Side Bend

Hands Overhead Side Bend

Trunk Rotators

4 Part Ab Exercise

Superman Situps

Inverted Situps

Zombie Situps

Super Situps

Low Crawls

Bear Crawls

Crab Crawls

Duck Walks

Alligator Crawls

Hindu Jumper Squats

Slow Motion Pushups

Scorpion Pushups

Bends and Thrusts

The Burpee

4 Count Jumping Jack