Z-Ultimate Martial Arts Values 

One of the true gifts that comes with being a student of the martial arts with Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is that as you develop as a martial artist, you also develop three core values.

You learn these values through your training and the longer you train, the more ingrained in you these values become. Soon, without realizing it, these core values become a part of you, guiding you in your daily life.

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios believes that true martial artists live their martial arts values, both on the mat and off. This is why Z-Ultimate strives to share and live these values in everything we do – and why they are the guiding values of our company.


Many people confuse respecting someone for fearing someone or automatically treating that person as better than you, as if they are deserving of more. This is completely wrong. Respecting someone – especially yourself – means valuing that person; recognizing their worth as an individual and appreciating not only what they can do on and off the mat, but what they are capable of doing. During your martial arts training, you show respect for your partners by treating them as you want to be treated; working together to push each other to grow and learn.  The more you train together, the more you appreciate their abilities and what they bring out in you.


In life, many people say that they want to achieve great things. What separates those who are masters of their lives from those who are dreamers is the masters make themselves do what it is they said they wanted to do, regardless of current circumstances. Mastering the martial arts – as with anything in life – requires constant repetition, or the “habit” of practice. Habits are only developed through focused behavior towards a goal.  Just by consistently coming to class, you develop the habit of consistency, your martial arts skills increase and eventually, the habit of discipline.


Humility is not about thinking less of yourself; rather, it is about being thankful for how unique and valuable you are as a person, and understanding that you have a responsibility to share your gifts with others. The greater the martial artist, the greater the responsibility to pass on the knowledge to others. A true master realizes that it is not about the individual; it is about what the individual stands for.