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Immerse Yourself in the “Three Weeks of the Warrior” Advanced
Classical – Practical – Tactical Martial Arts Training Program 

Three Weeks of the Warrior Boot Camp

The first ever Z-Ultimate University of Martial Arts Professionals Summer Boot Camp – a six week, intensive program designed for those who wanted to take their martial arts skills to the next level and take the first step towards becoming a part or full-time instructor with Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios – was a huge success, with a brand-new group of certified Black Belt Undergraduates completing the grueling program.

The stories they told of their experiences throughout the Boot Camp were inspirational, as was their performances during their training. Each and every one of the cadets, along with the training staff, learned valuable lessons and shared information that made everyone who participated in the Boot Camp a better martial artist and teacher.

It is because of the success of the ZUUMAP Summer Boot Camp – and the feedback we received both from graduates of the program and people who were unable to attend – we discovered that there were some obstacles in the ZUUMAP Boot Camp that prevented many people from joining the program.

Not Everyone Could Commit to the Full Six Weeks of the Boot Camp

The  ZUUMAP Summer Boot Camp was six Sundays in a row, eight hours a day, with intensive training in the Classical – Practical – Tactical aspects of our Kenpo system, along with in-depth instruction on how Z-Ultimate teaches the martial arts.  This amount of time is what is necessary to ensure the quality of training and instruction to become a certified Black Belt Undergraduate.

We learned that while our timetable for training is accurate and produces a quality Undergraduate, not everyone is able to commit six full Sundays in a row to the course. With families, careers and other obligations, for some people is it simple not possible to carve out that amount of time to dedicate to a training course.

Not Everyone is Interested in Becoming a Part or Full-Time Instructor

Another thing we discovered through talking with many people who were interested in the course but elected not to attend was that while they were very interested in the full immersion model of training, they were not interested in becoming part or full time instructors – they just wanted the advanced training.  But, because the course was designed to create certified Black Belt Undergraduates, people felt badly about enrolling and taking a spot from someone who may have wanted to become an instructor.

Because of these reasons, the “Three Weeks of the Warrior” Program was created…

Based on Your Requests, Now You Don’t Have to Commit for Six Weeks and You Don’t Have to Become a Certified Black Belt Undergraduate – Introducing the “Three Weeks of the Warrior” Program

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is proud to announce the “Three Weeks of the Warrior” Program, designed specifically for those who want an advanced, immersion-style martial arts training program that can fit into their busy schedule and allows flexibility in becoming a part or full-time instructor in the future.

You can register now for the “Three Weeks of the Warrior” Program which starts Sunday, October 14th and runs every Sunday through October 28th. You will be immersed in the most advanced Classical – Practical – Tactical training drills in the art of Kenpo – everything from conditioning to defensive techniques, weapons defense, tactical street defense, champion tournament strategies and much, much more.  Throughout the course, you will also be exposed to fundamental teaching skills and strategies, should you choose to become a part of full-time instructor in the future.

While this course is NOT designed to make you a certified Black Belt Undergraduate, you will develop some fundamental teaching skills just by participating in this course, which will give you a foundation to start from in the future should you decide to become a certified Black Belt Undergraduate.

The “Three Weeks of the Warrior” Program is only $995.00 per person.  To enroll, simply CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to download the application, fill it out and turn in to your instructor.

ZUUMAP Three Weeks of the Warrior Application 

Three Weeks of the Warrior Boot Camp Program Brochure