Personalized Martial Arts Instruction

Personalized Martial Arts Training – Customized to Fit You

You move like you move; you learn in your own way and  at your own pace.  You athletic history differs from anyone else; your age and maturity helps guide how quickly you learn. Your physical and mental abilities are also a factor in how you learn, process and perform what you are taught. No one else on Earth is exactly like you.

Almost the entire martial arts industry (and health & fitness industry) is based upon teaching clients or students in large groups.  This method of instruction has been around for countless years and as far as the martial arts in s concerned, has created countless Black belts and good martial artists.

With personalized instruction, your accountability, motivation and progress are all accelerated, far more than possible in a group lesson format.

In a group setting, the instructor – depending on the size of the class – may only get two minutes of personalized attention on each student, and many times, it is much shorter than that. The instructor has to make sure the class moves along at the correct pace, that everyone is training safely and teach the required techniques for the day. There simply isn’t time for the instructor to stop and spend significant time with a  student that may be having challenges learning new techniques or concepts.

This means that if group classes are the only methodology available, you won’t necessarily learn and develop as quickly as your are able and conversely, if you need extra attention to understand or develop your skills, it is difficult to get it.

Personalized Private Instruction is the Most Powerful Solution

Z-Ultimate prides itself as one of the only martial arts organizations that specialized and structures its program around personalized martial arts classes. We understand that everyone wants to learn at their own pace, moving forward and developing their skills as quickly as they are capable of doing. With personalized instruction, your Sensei customizes your program to athletic ability, learning style and speed so that  you develop your martial arts skills as fast as you are capable.

Personalized private instruction allows Z-Ultimate to modify the martial arts style to the student – NOT the student to the martial arts style.

A fifty year old male, who played football in college, is muscular but has a bad knee (or two) and is built like an offensive lineman is not the best body type to master flying or spinning kicks. A twenty-five year old female that is of normal athletic ability and strength that weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds is not the ideal candidate for learning how to stand in front of a large male and trade punches.

Depending on the martial arts style and teaching format, each of the examples above could be forced into learning and performing martial arts techniques that are not best suited for their build or abilities.

With Personalized Martial Arts Instruction, You Learn the Best Way for You, Your Learning Ability and Body Style…

With personalized instruction, you won’t get away with sloppy technique or develop any bad habits, as your Sensei will be focused on you and your training partner. Every step of your technique and performance will be observed and corrections made immediately to make sure that you learn and perform all the little details that go into making a technique fundamentally sound.

With Z-Ultimate, American Shaolin Kenpo and personalized private instruction, you will be taught techniques that are the perfect fit for your body style and abilities, fine-tuning every step of your techniques, all delivered at a pace that allows you to develop your skills as fast as possible.

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