Become a Martial Arts Black Belt with Z-Ultimate

Earning Your Black Belt in Martial Arts is Not What Is Important –
It Is Who You Become Along the Way That Matters Most…

The Z-Ultimate Black Belt Program is designed for those students who are willing to commit to achieving their Black Belt, not only in the martial arts, but as a person.

The goal of the Black Belt Program is to take the student’s martial arts skills to another level through innovative drills and concepts, expanding on the Classical – Practical – Tactical aspects of their training, all combined with a commitment to achieving a Black Belt. Additional training sessions are combined with these innovative drills and concepts in a safe, supportive environment, all designed to challenge the Black Belt Program member to be the best.

Being a part of the Black Belt Program helps expose the student to what Z-Ultimate means by being a Black Belt, not only in the martial arts, but in life. It is here that the student sees how the Classical – Practical – Tactical aspects of the martial arts can be applied to every area of life and NOT just in the dojo. The student will also begin to understand that no matter how simple a technique or concept may be on the surface, there are endless variations and nuances that can take a seemingly basic movement and give it a whole new meaning.

Black Belt Program members are looked upon as role models in the dojo and are expected to lead by example. Black Belt Program members also serve as assistant coaches or Senseis, assisting the Chief Instructor if asked and taking it upon themselves to help guide a student they may be working with during training. These program members are an important part of our culture of giving and helping spread our American Shaolin Kenpo system.

As a Black Belt Program Member, you will:

  • Receive Additional Training Time
  • Learn Innovative Drills and Concepts to accelerate your learning and understanding of Classical – Practical – Tactical concepts
  • Receive Discount on Student Tuition
  • Receive Discounts on Training Equipment
  • Reserve Priority Status on Special Events, like Tournaments and Seminars
  • Develop Teaching Skills and Serve as Assistant Sensei when needed
  • Train at over 75 locations nationwide
  • Authorization to wear the special Black Belt Program uniform patch

If you are the type of person who is serious about achieving their personal best and setting an example as a Black Belt both in and out of the dojo, then the Z-Ultimate Black Belt Program is the right fit for you. Fill out the form below and someone from your dojo will contact you.  If you are not currently a student, someone from the location nearest you will contact you.