Many people think that they are “too old” to start training.  Some people think that if you don’t start when you are young, you’ll never be able to achieve a Black Belt or develop a high level of skill.

That’s just not true.  I didn’t start until I was in my early twenties. There are countless stories of people who started in their twenties, thirties, forties and later – and they all loved the experience and earned their way up the ranks, just like their younger classmates.

Susan thought she was too old – until she earned her Black Belt in her sixties!

Here is her story:

“You can become a Black Belt in karate even if you are a grandmother!

Working with many different belt levels and age groups has given me a much better insight into myself and has shown that age and gender has few limitations.
The process of climbing the mountain and attaining my Black Belt has not only has helped me improve my mental focus and physical quickness but has also helped me improve in all of the other athletic activities I am involved in.”

Susan Wright
Black Belt
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Susan loved her training so much, she got her adult son and grandson involved in the program so they could all share their experiences.

You are never too old for personalized martial arts training. In this article from the Wall Street Journal, they show there are more and more adults starting their martial arts training later in life. There are medical studies showing how karate training does more than just get adults in shape. One study showed martial arts helps people with osteoporosis avoid injuries from accidental slips or falls, and another study from 2013 shows increased bone density, hand strength and balance.

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