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Dear Students and Parents,

It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT that we extend this invitation to you and your entire family to join us for the Z-Ultimate Martial Arts Extravaganza being hosted on Saturday and Sunday, October 27th and 28th, 2018. This historical event will feature two mornings of training with some of our Highest Ranking Black Belt Master Instructors, followed by two afternoons of fun and adventure with your family, friends, fellow students, and instructors.


Day One

DAY ONE - (Oct 27th) - will be hosted on Catalina Island in the historical Casino Ballroom, located on the point of Avalon Harbor. Catalina Island was developed into a tourist destination by chewing gum magnate William Wrigley, Jr. in the early 1920's, and to this day is one of the most charming and beautiful destinations in Southern California. Please visit and access the 2018 Catalina Island Visitor's Guide so you can easily preview all that Catalina has to offer you and your family after your incredible morning of training with Z-Masters!!

Day One Morning

DAY ONE MORNING TRAINING will include three one hour seminars with at least three different High Ranking Black Belt Master Instructors. All seminars will be divided up by belt rank, so the material you will learn will be perfect for your current skill level. In addition, each seminar will include a printed Master's Outline that will break down and highlight what was taught during the seminar, so you will have an easy method of reference to maximize your training and learning experience with Z-Masters!!

16 Featured Martial Arts Masters

10th Degree Grandmaster Paul Taylor
8th Degree Shihan Frank Ley
7th Degree Master Will Clark
7th Degree Master Hans Prosch
7th Degree Master Kris Eszlinger
6th Degree Master Dennis Brookman
6th Degree Master Preston Ducati
5th Degree Master David Lloyd
5th Degree Master Ben Thomas
5th Degree Master Bill Sampson
5th Degree Master Ryan Lloyd
5th Degree Master Brian Hyman
5th Degree Master Alen Babayan
5th Degree Master Jordan Penman
5th Degree Master Emily Carlson

Day Two

DAY TWO - (Oct 28th) - will be hosted in Huntington Beach at the water's edge next to the iconic Huntington Beach Pier. Huntington Beach was voted 2018 Reader's Choice #1 Best California Beach by USA Today. We encourage you to visit the website so you can easily preview all that Huntington Beach has to offer you and your family after your incredible morning of training with Z-Masters!!

Day Two Morning Training

DAY TWO MORNING TRAINING will include a very special sunrise seminar taught by Shaolin Monk Sifu Wang Bo titled "The Shaolin Morning". The seminar will include some of the training rituals and practices performed by the monks at the Shaolin Temple in China. The morning training will conclude with some very fun and exciting drills and skills performed on the sand at the water's edge taught by more of Z-Masters!!

Exclusive Training for the Kids

EXCLUSIVE KIDS SEMINARS featuring high energy and fun Shaolin Animal techniques, drills, and thrills for ages 5-10. FREE ULTIMATE KENPO INTRODUCTORY CLASS for parents, guardians, friends, and siblings of participating students featuring fast and effective self defense strategies.

Getting Here is Easy

GETTING HERE IS EASY!! For those of you traveling from up north or out of state, we have three convenient airports for you to choose from. Each is within 30 minutes of the Long Beach and Huntington Beach areas where we recommend you book your hotels.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) / Long Beach Airport (LGB) / John Wayne Airport (SNA)

For those families that want to minimize their time away from work or school, we suggest you arrive on the evening of Friday, October 26th and depart on the evening of Sunday, October 28th. That will allow for you to take full advantage of the two mornings of training with Z-Masters, and the two afternoons of fun and adventure with your family, friends, fellow students, and instructors.

Round Trip Island Transportation

ROUND TRIP ISLAND TRANSPORTATION will be provided to and from Catalina Island on Saturday, October 27th. Catalina Express Ferry departs from the Port of Long Beach around 8AM - Exact departure time will be provided ahead of your arrival. Helicopter flights are also available, but will need to be booked and paid for directly through IEX (Island Express) Helicopters in Long Beach.

Recommended Hotels

We recommend that you book the hotel of your choice near the cities of Long Beach or Huntington Beach so you are conveniently located near our scheduled events. The Catalina Express Ferry departs near downtown Long Beach for our DAY ONE of training and adventures, and our DAY TWO training and adventures will be in Huntington Beach. Since most of our time will be training and enjoying the beautiful cities and sites, it is further recommended that you access one of the many online discount travel sites to ensure you are able to secure the best rates for your stay.

Weather Forecast

Both Catalina Island and Huntington Beach are a mild subtropical climate with warm year-round temperatures. The average temperature for late October ranges from the low 60's to highs in the upper 70's, which would prove to be PERFECT WEATHER for our mornings of training and our afternoons of fun and adventure!!

What to Bring

For your morning training and seminars, we will be providing all students with a Limited Edition Event T-Shirt, so you will only need to pack your GI BOTTOMS and your Zen Combat Action Trainer Shoes. No gi tops, rank belts, or sparring equipment will be necessary, so that should lighten up your travel bags. For your afternoons of fun and adventure, it is suggested to bring clothing and footwear that will best fit your chosen activities. And as with all other type of island and beach styled travel, be sure to bring your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and a fun filled attitude for an AMAZINGLY GREAT TIME!!


COST is $499 per person, which includes the two mornings of training with Z-Masters, Round trip Island Transportation aboard Catalina Express Ferry, and Limited Edition Event T-Shirt. Nonparticipating family members, guardians, and friends may accompany a paid participating student for only $99.00, which also includes Round trip Island Transportation aboard Catalina Express Ferry, Limited Edition Event T-Shirt, and optional FREE Self Defense Class. Kids under 2 are free.

WE REALLY ENCOURAGE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY to join us for these two very exciting days of training with Z-Masters. We of Z have always enjoyed our travels together, so for those of you that have traveled to China with us before, you know how fun and memorable these trips are. For those of you that have not yet had the opportunity to travel with us before, take advantage of this GREAT OPPORTUNITY to experience two of the most beautiful places in Southern California with an incredible group of people, aka Z-TRIBE!!!

For any specific questions or requests, please email us at

Register Now for the Martial Arts Extravaganza

One Time Payment


What is the Registration Deadline Date?

Based on the exclusivity of this event, the Registration Deadline will be based on the first 300 students registered OR Sunday, September 30th, 2018.

What time do we leave for Catalina and how long does it take to get there?

The Catalina Express Ferry is scheduled to depart around 8AM on Saturday morning and takes about an hour. We will announce and organize a convenient location to meet about one hour ahead of our departure time to ensure everyone makes it on board!!

What time will the training begin once we arrive on Catalina?

Since we will all be traveling together, we will immediately walk over to the Historical Casino Ballroom, which is located close to the ferry dock. We estimate the training with Z-Ultimate Masters to begin around 10AM, to ensure no one is rushed and/or running late.

How many students will be attending each Master's Seminar?

Unknown - Once we conclude the Registration process, we will divide students into groups by RANK and AGE to ensure each group can be effectively taught by the chosen Master. As a student, you will receive three (3) one hour Master's Seminars while on Catalina Island. The Special Sunrise Seminar will feature three hours of instruction that will begin with Shaolin Monk Sifu Wang Bo!!

What time will the training begin on Sunday in Huntington Beach?

Our goal for Sunday is to experience a beautiful sunrise while training with Shaolin Monk Sifu Wang Bo. The sunrise is forecasted at 7AM, so our arrival time should be approximately 6:30AM.

What will be included in the Kids (ages 5 to 10) Seminar?

The Kids' seminars will feature high energy and fun Shaolin Animal drills and techniques. The specialized Kids' Seminars will be hosted during the same time periods as the Adult Seminars, but will be stylized to offer more breaks, games, and prizes to keep them motivated and having fun!!

What do we wear for the training on Catalina Island and Huntington Beach?

As highlighted in the Invitation Letter, we will be providing all students with a Limited Edition Event T-Shirt, so all you will need is your GI BOTTOMS and your Zen Combat Action Trainer Shoes. No gi tops, rank belts, or sparring equipment will be necessary. If Zen Combat does not have your size shoe in stock, you may wear an alternative pair of comfortable athletic shoes.

What should we eat before we begin our training in Catalina and Huntington Beach?

As with all Z-Ultimate Special Events, we encourage you to fuel up with a protein based breakfast and bring a variety of healthy snacks and drinks along with you. Water will be provided
at each training event, and there are plenty of great places to grab lunch afterwards.

Are there any additional activities included with my Registration?

Based on the wide variety of activities available, we elected to allow students and their families to choose what most interests them. While on Catalina Island, we have made arrangements with the Catalina Island Company for our group to receive a 10% DISCOUNT for select activities. Please call 877-778-8322, ext #2 and mention PROMO CODE: MASTER to get your discounted rate.

Who do I contact for more specific questions and/or requests?

To ensure your questions and/or requests are answered promptly, please email us at Please allow up to 48 hours for a reply, so we may have the necessary time to research and provide you the information you have requested.

Register Now for the Martial Arts Extravaganza

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