Personalized martial arts training can truly change your life, or the life of your child.

While the physical benefits of martial arts are obvious – lower body fat, build muscle, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, lower insulin levels,better flexibility, increased energy – it is the internal side of things that are the most powerful.

Increased energy, skyrocketing self confidence, a granite-hard self image, laser-like focus and more.  Nowhere else can you find a program that builds these strengths.

Many martial arts programs can offer you similar benefits – but only personalized martial arts training can customize the training program to YOUR specific needs.

From four years old to sixty years old, you can benefit from martial arts training, but you wouldn’t get the full benefit unless you are placed in a program that caters to your needs, wants, capabilities and learning levels.

Unfortunately, many people never find out for themselves what personalized martial arts instruction can do for them because of fear and misinformation regarding getting started in a martial arts program.

Getting started in the martial arts – because it is doing something new – is scary enough as it is, without many of the misconceptions that are out there.

That’s why I have put together this series of articles, titled “The Top 9 Myths About Getting Started in Martial Arts Training”. These articles include the very same answers we have given to thousands and thousands of people regarding these “myths” or fears, and why personalized martial arts training is perfect for you and your family.

Let’s get started:

Martial Arts Myth #1:  “I am scared of getting hurt…”

Many men and women that I talk to say, “I’d love to get into the martial arts, but I don’t want to have a bunch of sweaty guys rolling around on me or beating me up.”

With our personalized martial arts program, that isn’t what happens.

This fear is out there because of the popularity of mixed martial arts.  It’s all the rage right now; it’s on television, pay-per-view, the movies…you’d have to live on Mars not to have seen or heard about it. While it has been great as far as exposure of what martial arts training can do – it’s also the WORST thing that could have happened.

Mixed martial arts is NOT martial arts training – it’s a sport.  I’ll get into the differences later in this report; what’s important to know now is this:

In a personalized martial arts program, you are put through an Introductory Evaluation Course, where your individual goals, physical condition and more are outlined; from there, a custom program is put together that fits exactly what you are looking for.

Once you start your training, your instructor, which most people refer to as their “Sensei”, will guide you safely, step-by-step through your training program, always mindful to push you to be your best while making sure you are always training safely.

We have had students as young as two and a half (2 ½) start training in the martial arts, all the way up to grandmothers in their sixties…

If we can have that large of an age range training with us – and have thousands of students training with us in five states across the Western United States on any given day – you can bet that we aren’t beating anyone up or getting them injured.

In fact, we have one of the safest, family-friendly environments there is in the marketplace today. But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading about some other common fears or misconceptions, or if you’d like you can come experience our program for yourself with a Free 30 Day Test Drive – No Cost, No Obligation.

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