One of the things people say about not getting started in martial arts classes is, “I just don’t have the time.”

We live in a fast-paced society and we are all busy. But – and this is a BIG “but” – if you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly tell yourself that you “do not have time” to get in shape, get rid of unhealthy body fat, lower your blood pressure, lower your resting heart rate, lower your cholesterol, regulate your insulin levels, burn off stress so you are not such a grump all the time – basically live a longer and healthier life – then you may have a priority problem that not even taking karate classes can fix.

I know that is a blunt way for me to put it, but it’s true; if you have any time to go to a happy hour, watch television or surf the Internet, then you’ve got time to live a longer and healthier life.
It’s not about “finding more time” – because you can’t; all the time that there is to discover has been discovered.  Twenty-four hours is all we get – ever. The reality is, we ALL have time or what is really important to us.

The key is to re-allocate the time you are spending now and, just like an investment portfolio, invest some of your time into an asset that gets you a better return.

You really can get all the benefit you want in just an hour and a half a week.  If you put in more, would you get more benefit?  Of course!  As with anything, the more and faster you put time in, the faster you will get results.

But, with an hour and a half a week, and a few minutes a day on your own, you could easily get all the health benefits we have mentioned – without putting a strain on your schedule. For example, the conditioning and stretching exercises you will be learning in our program can be done on your own in fifteen minutes or less at your home. That is a complete, head-to-toe fat burning, muscle building, killer cardio workout that will get you functionally fit faster than you thought possible.

You can do it first thing in the morning, on lunch break, late at night or anytime that works for you. All you need is about fifteen minutes and a couple square feet of floor.

If you do that first thing in the morning every morning and then come to train with us an hour and a half per week – watch out; you will be blown away at your fitness and conditioning levels, on top of the life-saving self defense classes.

If your career and your family is your #1 priority, then a personalized martial arts program is a MUST for you; it will keep you healthy so you CAN enjoy your family and have a successful career.

To find out for yourself just how little time it takes – and how powerful the experience and program is, simply fill out the form below and you will be taken to a page to find a location near you. Once you find the nearest location, you will then schedule your first class online.

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When you arrive at the dojo for your class, you will get to meet your instructor, get a tour of the facility and go through a short interview. After that, you are going to get your first martial arts class!

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