Mixed martial arts (MMA) and personalized martial arts lessons are NOT the same thing.

MMA has been one of the best things to happen to the martial arts industry – but also one of the worst.

I say that because with how much MMA is on television and pay-per-view, many people who have never been exposed to martial arts THINK that mixed martial arts and martial arts training are the same thing.

They are not.

Mixed martial arts is a sport that has marital arts as the main pieces.  There are weight classes, a ring, protective equipment, rules, governing bodies and referees. Fighters know three to four months in advance that they have a fight.  They know who they are fighting, their strengths, weaknesses and tendencies.  Then, they practice full-time for months to prepare for one fight.

They spar (practice fighting) and spar and spar; they grapple (work on their ground fighting), along with tons and tons of conditioning exercises to be able to last multiple rounds of combat.
It is tough, grueling, intense work. They also cut weight for months before the fight, dehydrating themselves to make weigh-ins the day before their fights. It is also not uncommon to have dings, dents and scratches, black eyes, muscle pulls, knee and shoulder injuries and more.

To be fair; athletes that do mixed martial arts are phenomenally talented and conditioned; the martial arts techniques that they do use are effective and they are tough, tough guys, but…

A mixed martial arts fight is NOTHING like a self defense situation and, because our program focuses on self defense situations along withe classical, practical and tactical aspects of martial arts, your training is NOT like that of a mixed martial arts fighter.

Self defense situations are very short and intense; they require extreme focus and a will to survive.  With our program, you are trained in a manner that will match the conditions and situations you will find yourself in should you have to defend yourself (and we hope you never have to.)

The classical aspect of our martial arts toughens and conditions the body, along with building the foundations of your self defense skills. Your stances, punches, kicks, blocks, takedowns and combinations are all drilled into you so that your body can just respond when you need it to – without thought.

The practical aspect of our program trains you how to apply your techniques in a way that works best for you and your body style. Our tactical aspect of your training is practicing situational awareness and situational self defense – like what do you do when confronted with three people in a dark alley and there is no way out?

Your conditioning, drilling and more are all structured in a way so that you are getting in the best shape of your life and learning valuable martial arts skills, but doing it in such a way that you DO NOT tear your body down or are constantly injured.

While learning the mixed martial arts WOULD teach you valuable techniques and get you in tremendous shape, it is not designed to prepare you for a self defense situation where there are no rules, no referee, no marital arts uniforms, no weight classes and more than one opponent. MMA training is also very demanding on the body and has a higher percentage of injuries during training then our program.

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