“Martial Arts Champions do not look to excuse their performance, they look to improve their performance.”


Competing in Martial Arts Competitions is not only an exciting and fun activity, but is also an extremely beneficial activity that helps develop a stronger body and mind.

Mental Confidence:

By competing in the martial arts, a student may learn to deal with different emotions such as fear, anxiety, or self-doubt.  When a student competes, they do not know how the person across from them is going to perform.  Just like in real life, we cannot predict the outcome, but can try to take an assertive approach over it.  No matter what level of competition students that compete have better reaction times.  Over time the student will become less fearful of anxious situations and learn how to cope as Confidence increases.  Controlling one’s mind and emotions is the key to controlling all situations in one’s life.

Footwork and Distance:

Students that compete in the martial arts have a better understanding of how to use footwork to help gauge distances.  Footwork plays an important part in each of the four ways of fighting.  Whether the student is kicking, punching, trapping or grappling, the use of linear and angular footwork is important for defense.


In most cases, the student that competes in the martial arts becomes a more proficient kicker, because of the modern kicking techniques used in martial arts competitions.  Competitors learn to develop lead leg kicking techniques.  In martial arts competition, all the kicks have to be delivered above the belt.  Over time, the student’s flexibility improves.  This results in improved circulation and range of motion.  This greatly improves the student’s ability to defend them selves in a real situation because it decreases the chance of injury.


As in any competition, a student of the martial arts, win or not, should carry them selves like a champion.  They should shake hands with the opponent after a loss and go back to their studio and train harder.  Making excuses for not winning (i.e. Bad Judging, Not Feeling Well, etc…) is always easier, but not accountable.

“Competing can be exciting, challenging, frustrating and rewarding.  No matter how one looks at it competing is simply another tool in the martial arts to help you become the best person you can. In the martial arts, you do not win or lose – you win or you learn.”

Good luck – train hard.

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