Personalized martial arts training is for ANYONE who wants to change their lives or change their bodies, regardless of their athletic or personal background.

Here is a story, in her own words, from a young woman who didn’t think martial arts were for her, either:

“In December last year, I found myself looking for a quick, motivational way to get in shape and increase my energy. I had been considering going back to the gym but knew that I probably wouldn’t be motivated enough to stick with it.

I was looking for a way to exercise at my own pace and actually feel a difference. I was also being encouraged to take self-defense because it would benefit my self-confidence and self-awareness since I’m a small female.

I had always been interested to learn about martial arts. So I decided to step into the dojo to talk with one of the instructors about joining and after speaking with him, realized that I should give this martial arts thing a shot.

I was tentative of enrolling at first because I don’t have a very aggressive nature and wasn’t really into the whole fighting idea. I was concerned of how tough it would actually be and if I would be able to handle it.

I knew that the only way to see if self-defense was right for me was by giving it a try. The one nice thing was that right away I felt like I could trust the instructors with my safety and they would never give me more than I could handle. This reassurance helped ease my concerns and allowed me to be able to enjoy what I was learning.

Since I decided to study self-defense my life has definitely changed. I have a newly restored confidence in myself and live a much more balanced life. I have learned to believe in myself and not doubt my abilities even though others might. I have increased my energy level, built my strength, and have been feeling physically good for the first time in a long while.”

Caren C.
Laguna Niguel, CA

Caren didn’t think she was the right “fit” for the martial arts, and she was also concerned with her safety. She was a smaller woman – roughly five feet, two inches or so and barely one hundred pounds. She had a history of some traumatic events in her life and was not sure she could physically or mentally stand up to the rigors of self defense training. When she started, she could barely do one push-up.

She found out for herself that not only was personalized martial arts instruction the answer to what she was looking for when it came to exercise, but also something that changed her life for the better, bringing balance back into her life. She became much stronger, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Yes, anyone can take karate classes, provided the school you choose can customize their program to your unique needs and physical abilities.

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