Welcome to Z-Ultimate BUNKAI!

In support of the continuous worldwide efforts to defeat COVID-19, we of Z wanted to provide you, your family, and all your friends FREE ACCESS to an incredibly FUN and ENLIGHTENING Martial Arts based workout, that not only fights fat, but teaches you how to fight back!!

Let's face it, the COVID-19 pandemic is an unseen enemy and has become a "Villain of Humanity", literally killing people and threatening to steal every facet of the ACTIVEHEALTHY, and HAPPY lifestyles we have been blessed to experience.  With that being said, this is why it is important for all of us to choose to be VICTORIOUS through these challenging times, and NOT a victim.

Our Martial Arts' founding practitioners were able to SURVIVE and THRIVE out of even more deadly face-to-face situations because of their conditioned and practiced SELF DEFENSE disciplines and values that awarded them the CONFIDENCE and SKILLS of Mind, Body, and Spirit - NOW YOU CAN TOO!!

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we will share with you 10-Defensive Sequences, that are not only based on the over 2,000 year old historical philosophies and principles of the Martial Arts, but are completely SELF-ADJUSTING so you can easily modify and adjust each Defensive Sequence to accommodate your current fitness level and/or any injuries or physical limitations you may have.  Z-Ultimate BUNKAI is EASYFAST, and FUN to learn, and GREAT FOR ALL AGES!!

So get off that couch and get your entire family kicking and punching BUNKAI!!

Get Virtual Assistance from a Location Near You

If you’d like to get One-on-One Virtual Instruction to go along with the Bunkai program, we are offering 4 Virtual Private Sessions for Only $95! Click the Find A Location button below to find a studio near you!

Get Virtual Assistance If No Location Near You

If you’d like to get One-on-One Virtual Instruction of 4 Lessons for only $95, but you don’t live in one of our Service Areas, click the Book a Call button below and you can schedule with our designated virtual studio!

Download the Bunkai Workout Script

Click the button below to get the FREE Z-Ultimate Bunkai Workout Script in PDF form. This will guide you through the program, keep you moving, having FUN and learning self defense at
the same time!

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