With our program, you are always separated by age, rank and skill level, so you are always able to learn at your fastest speed possible.

With other martial arts schools, it is not uncommon to group everyone by rank, and not age.  The reason they do this is for business purposes; if you are teaching in a group only format – where the only way for you to get instruction is with a group of people all at once – then for the business, the more people they can fit into that class, the more money they make for that hour.

Nothing wrong with that – it’s smart business. And to be fair, there have been thousands and thousands of quality martial artists who only attended group lessons during their careers. It is not that group classes do not work; it’s that it is not the BEST way to learn the martial arts.

This is where Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is different.

We are NOT focused on lumping the most people into a room and maximizing our time slot; we are focused on getting each and every student the MAXIMUM they can out of each and every class, learning as fast as they can. This is where our Dynamic Mastery Method™ comes in; our focus is on private lessons, customized to fit your needs and supplemented with group classes. It is this combination that allows you to learn three to four times faster than if you were taking just group classes. It also allows us to customize the program to fit your age, ability and body style.

If we wanted to focus on just making the most money, we would lump everyone together, regardless of age – but that is not what we are about. Even our group classes – which are only a part of our Dynamic Mastery Method™ program – are broken down by age and skill level, so that when you are in a class, you are in there with people who are around your age and have been training roughly as long as you have been.

With us, you won’t see a four-year old and a forty-year old training together; you’ll always be in the perfect learning environment, so you can learn and absorb at the speed that is perfect for you.

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