Marines with Z-Ultimate Instructors

On Friday, April 26th, members of Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios – Master William Huff, Jr. and Instructors from the San Diego County Z-Ultimate locations – joined130 Marines from Camp Pendleton, California for an hour and a half martial arts training session.

Z-Ultimate Instructors trained the Marines on advanced concepts and tactical techniques, designed to enhance the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, the self defense system taught to all U.S. Marines.

The MCMAP system is a well-rounded system designed to give every Marine a foundation in combat-oriented self defense. Z-Ultimate was honored to come and train the Marines, examine their MCMAP system and offer ideas and techniques to enhnace their fighting knowledge and ability. The Marines, their Commanding Officer and their Sergeant Major could not have been kinder or more open-minded to the training. The Marines were intense, focused and trained extrememly hard – as you would expect from America's Finest Fighting Force.

The Z-Ultimate Instructors – Chris Brant, Alex Brant, Julian Pierce, Paul Calabro, John Reeder, Kyle Cooper, Brent Knickerbocker and Steve Waterbury – prepared for three weeks to make sure that the presentation and training for the Marines was world-class and they delivered.

Z-Ultimate wishes to say "Congratulations" to the instructors from Z-Ultimate San Diego County and THANK YOU to the 130 Marines from Camp Pendleton for doing us the honor of working with you.

Semper Fidelis, Marines!


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