The Summer 2014 Grand Championship Martial Arts Tournament was a huge success – one of our largest events ever with the best energy we’ve ever had.

Here’s a video with highlights from the event, along with stories from students on what the martial arts has done for them.


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  1. Patricia Weiler
    Oct 04, 2014 @ 09:20:11

    Dear Z,

    My children study at the Kent WA Studio and their Chief Instructor is Sensei Carl Williams.

    They both started in late May and day by day I have seen the transformation. My son has increased his focus and now has more self control and my daughter is more confident.

    Both of my kids participated in the tournament. Sensei Carl and Team Kent have worked hard with each student, bringing the best on them and what I can say is having my children at Z Ultimate has been a positive and life changing experience.

    Thank You!


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