“Congratulations to Shaolin-Trained Monk Wang Bo for Making the Cover of Black Belt Magazine”

Martial Arts Wang Bo

We at Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios wish to congratulate Shaolin-trained Monk Wang Bo for making the September cover of Black Belt Magazine, as well as the six page spread inside!

Wang Bo began training at the revered Shaolin Temple of China at a very young age. After years of training in the Shaolin Martial Arts, he joined the Shaolin Monks famed “Wheel of Life” World Tour, where he traveled around the globe for years.

Coming to America in 2008, he began training various martial artists in the Shaolin martial arts, with his goal to one day open his own facility and help spread the Shaolin martial arts.

In 2010, Wang Bo began working with several instructors from Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios, culminating in a joint martial arts demonstration of Shaolin monks and Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios instructors at one of the Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios National Championship Tournaments.

Wang Bo continues to work with Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios and spread the Shaolin martial arts. Z-Ultimate could not be more happy and proud of Wang Bo for all his accomplishments.

Congratulations, Wang Bo.

Photo of Wang Bo's Shaolin Martial Arts Workout CoverMartial arts training

martial arts training

martial arts training

martial arts trainingmartial arts training

martial arts training

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  1. Gergory Bolton
    Dec 04, 2016 @ 07:59:29

    Thanks for posting this article, I had the Black Belt issue with this article and used to do the exercises.
    Now I can use the routine again, thank you.


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