It was quoted in the news with regards to organized sports that today’s organized sports don’t build up the strong as much as they eliminate the weak.

You may agree or disagree (I have had more than a few heated debates with proponents of organized sports over this issue) but the reality is that in most cases with organized sports, the best or most talented kids get the bulk of the reps and playing time while the kids not so sharp or athletically inclined are out on defense, in the outfield or worse, on the bench.

Is the team concept important?  Of course.  Learning to work together in pursuit of a common goal is a worthy skill to have and has led to some of the highest achievements in all of sports and mankind.  Unfortunately, team sports have had some of the ugliest moments as well.

We have all seen the tapes on the news of the parents fighting and, in one instance, killing each other in front of children in the name of their child and the team.  If there is a more gross abomination of what team sports stands for, I have yet to see it.

In team sports, if your child happens to be the one on the bench or stuck out in the boonie-weeds, is he developing to his fullest?  Is he getting the coaching he needs to get better?

What is going on in his mind with regards to his self-worth and abilities?  Is he getting a good message or a negative one?  Sure, the very nature of the team concept doesn’t lend itself to giving children individual attention, but what are you going to do?

If your child is the one that isn’t in the starting lineup, or is the one that is always picked last, your child’s self esteem and self image is being damaged, which can lead to emotional issues later in life.

Personalized Martial Arts Instruction is the Answer…

The martial arts is one of the few venues available to children where things like personal responsibility, self-discipline,  and hard work are taught.  In a personalized martial arts program, it is 100% all about them; their success and failure lies solely on their shoulders.  A good school will coach and teach your child just as quickly as your child can learn and will give your child goals to reach for.

A good school will show a child how the martial arts builds focus and self-discipline; how those qualities lead to better grades and performance in school.

A good school will also teach children about respect for each other and their elders; how respect for your fellow man is the essential ingredient in relationships with people.

A good school will push your child to be their best; they will have a teaching style that praises the child, shows them what they could improve upon or fix, and then tells them that they believe in the child.

In short, they will teach your child while building their self-image and self esteem, thereby building what America needs more now than ever; a resilient, responsible citizen.

That’s the true gift of the martial arts; resiliency.  The ability to take control and responsibility over one’s life and results.  To never blame or shed responsibility for personal actions or emotions.  To be able to take whatever happens in life and turn it in to a positive lesson or an advantage.

A good school will be able to show their students how to think and act like a resilient, self-sufficient person.

At Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios, we use our system of martial arts combined with our Dynamic Mastery Method™  to help children build character and teach adults world-class self defense instruction while getting them in the best shape of their lives.

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