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Success Stories

Dalton Schubert
Dalton Schubert

Sometimes we would drive by to go to the store and I would see people training and it looked like a ton of fun.

I came in contact because my grandma bought me a gift card for my birthday.

My training has given me discipline, a six pack, it's made me more confident, and brought a bunch of new friends into my life.

Heidi and Roman Alexander
Heidi and Roman Alexander

We tried a local Dojo for our son Roman (then almost 4) and then tried Sensei Chris Brant at the Carlsbad Z Ultimate studio.

OMG like night and day. She is the most amazing instructor! A perfect mix of fun and discipline.

The Dojo became our son's home away from home for the next 3 years. Roman competed in tournaments and in the last one took first place trophies in both forms and sparring thanks to Sensei Brant's incredible skill at training young people.

We recently moved, and the hardest thing was leaving Sensei Brant and her Dojo. We will NEVER find another program for our son to equal what he had there.

I cannot thank her enough for what she taught Roman and the sense of worth she instilled in him.

If you are contemplating classes for your child and live near Carlsbad Ca. giving your child the chance to train with Sensei Chris Brant would be one of the best things you ever did for them.


I am so thankful every day for enrolling at the La Canada dojo. My whole entire family trains here and we are all 2nd degree brown belts. I have had such an amazing time for the past four years. It has given me so much confidence and I have found myself through training here. I always look forward to the group classes and private lessons every single week. I have met my closest friends in karate and have been given a position as an instructor, which I am so grateful for the opportunity every single week. I love my co-workers that I always enjoy the company of. We always have fun working and training together. It has been truly a terrific experience being able to teach a multitude of students in my future goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. I would not trade this job or my passion for self defense training for anything in the world. Thank you Z-Ultimate for all that you have given my family and I!

Sensei Carl Williams
Sensei Carl Williams

Good day everyone, I wanted to let everyone know how happy I am that my family found the Martial Arts. Several years ago my daughter was running into bully problems at school and twice ended up in the vice principals office in the same week. After talking to my daughter about it she informed me that it had been going on for a while.
Meanwhile my son had run across a booth at a local spring fair for 2 weeks of free training. I figured nobody gives away free training there’s got to be a hitch somewhere. My Son and Daughter both tried out their 2 week intro lessons and were completely amazed at how easily the instructors could show them how to do things they had only seen at the movies.
Needless to say I enrolled my Daughter into the program, I was amazed at the things I was watching my daughter do. Unfortunately the bullying didn’t stop and I was once again called into the schools office. I talked to the Vice Principal about moving either my daughter or the young man that was causing the problem, the Principal told me that it wasn’t practical to move either student. The Vice Principal didn’t like my attitude when I informed him that my Daughter had been enrolled into self defense classes and she also had my permission to do whatever she deemed necessary to keep her safe and out of harm’s way. I also informed him that if there was just one more incident between my Daughter and the other young man that I would be in his office promptly to rectify the situation with him and then the parents of the other student if he didn’t get busy and fix the problem at hand.
After all that I received a phone message the next day informing me that the other student had been moved to another class, where he continued to cause trouble with other female students. I couldn’t have been prouder of my daughter then the day I got a phone call from the school to find out that my Daughter had been in a fight with 3 other students! As it turned out a friend of my Daughter’s was being beat up by 3 other students while a teacher standing just 10 feet away did nothing for the poor student lying on the ground in the fetal position getting kicked and punched!! My Daughter stepped up and shoved two of the students apart into the lockers lining the hall and the other one got shoved back several steps. My Daughter then helped her friend up and walked him to the nurses office, where 2 of the other girls ended up after complaining about back pain. Apparently the lock’s on the lockers weren’t too comfortable.
When I got there I once again talked to the Vice Principal and had to explain that my Daughter didn’t do anything wrong, in fact I would have been mad at her if she hadn’t of done anything for her friend. The Vice Principal didn’t like me much when I showed how much I didn’t care about the school policy on fighting.
All in all I couldn’t be prouder of my Daughter and all she has accomplished due to her training. I also couldn’t be prouder of the Instructors she has had on her path through life. They all have left a positive impression on my Daughter, she is now considering on becoming an Instructor herself at her home Dojo.
Thanks to everyone in the Z Nation for making such an impact in my family, our community and the world as a whole, you do make a difference!!
Respectfully, Sensei Carl Williams

Sensei Rich Dolan
Sensei Rich Dolan

It took me more than a year of driving past the Beverly Hills dojo before I had the guts to walk in. I needed confidence. I was physically fit, but my insides didn't match my outside.

Master Ducati signed me up, and by Purple belt I was helping out with classes. At Brown belt I quit my job to become a full time instructor, and I have never been happier.

I have had the opportunity to share physical, mental, and spiritual fitness with hundreds of people. If I die today, I die knowing that I was able to give to the world and not just receive.

My daughters Alessia and Daniela are now getting introduced to martial arts and I can see how it has helped them in pre-school and kindergarten. It is awesome to see the benefits of Z Ultimate in my own kids.

Patricia Weiler
Patricia Weiler

I have always had an interest in Martial Arts because it helps you grow physically, emotionally reinforcing core values and I wanted my children to enrich their lives and become more confident.

I thought about it for quite sometime, until one afternoon right after my dental appointment we were walking in Kent Station when Sensei Jennifer approached us and asked us if we would like to try a lesson at Z. I was about to answer when my kids already said yes, when do we start? I knew then, they both were ready to embark in a new adventure.

Without hesitating we were booked for a lesson on a Saturday morning. Sensei Jennifer was waiting for us, my kids truly enjoyed this experience. While they were in their lesson, I was asked to fill-out a registration form and I was thrilled to find out how karate can improve behavior, academics, health... I just could not believe it!

The answer I was hoping for was right there! My boy would finally learn the skills to have more self-control and focus while reinforcing the core values we have at home and he would have the opportunity to interact with peers that are pursuing the same. Wow! Could it get any better? Yes!
My daughter, a 2nd grader, was shy, and I was wishing to see a more confident girl with great self-esteem...
I was ready for this opportunity, I had no doubt!
Then, after I made a commitment to register both, I met Sensei Carl Williams. What can I say, Sensei Carl has been an Extraordinaire Instructor. He knows the needs of each student from the youngest one to adults. He works with all of them in the group classes and targets specific needs and training during private lessons.

Before (May 2014), my son had difficulty showing self-control, focusing and staying on task. Sensei Carl has worked with him during challenging moments and although it is a working progress, he has improved his focus and increased self-control.
Has it been easy? Of course not! but I am extremely grateful to Sensei Carl for teaching him the skills that are helping him to become a better person.

Lets talk about my daughter. Remember that shy 2nd Grader? Not anymore! My daughter is passionate about practicing in the Dojo and at home. She has grown in confidence and I am giving her a priceless gift... how to protect herself. It was within a month when she asked me if she could try sparring. I was not sure about it. I spoke with Sensei Carl and he encouraged her to do it, so I supported my daughter on her decision. This past September was her first tournament, I could not believe she wanted to participate!
I was afraid, but who would say... she won 4th place in Sparring and I owe all this to Z Ultimate, who found us and to Sensei Carl who works non-stop everyday in bringing out the Best in each Student.

And... guess what! This is for busy Moms too. I took a couple of lessons on self-defense with Sensei Carl and it was a Fabulous Experience! I work for a school, and since then, I have been able to deescalate angry students and teach them the very first thing you will learn when taking lessons: Taking Slow Deep Breaths.
Something so simple, can become difficult rushing around all the time. Try it! It works!

Thank You Z! and Thank You Sensei Carl and Team Kent!

Daniel Chorn
Daniel Chorn

I have been attending the Beverly Hills Z-Ultimate dojo for going on 10 years, I was actually apart of it long before it took its current name. I am now 15, Second Degree Brown, and firmly believe that I will be apart of this system for many years to come. The best part of Z-Ultimate is that it has remained a constant in the normal, shifting, lives of me and those around me. There is never a day when I do not learn something new that completely adjusts my idea of karate as a whole. I love it and believe that it was definitely the best choice (my parents) made in sending me to learn at Z-Ultimate.

Ethan Cheney
Ethan Cheney

I’m glad I joined the dojo when I did. At a very young age I was able to make good friends, and later, to make friends I wouldn’t have been able to make in different circumstances, such as middle schoolers . Also the dojo has taught me physical and mental discipline, as well as how to protect myself, which has benefited my life. It’s a great place.

Rhoda Macabitas
Rhoda Macabitas

As a senior, I joined at Z Ultimate at 66yrs old. In less than a year, it has given me confidence physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Thank you Z Ultimate!!

Laura Stayer
Laura Stayer

I am so pleased with Z Ultimate Moorpark. The transformation my son has undergone this past year is nothing short of amazing! My son is 9 years old and has lacked some self-confidence and overall discipline at times. He has also been the subject of bullying at school. Z Ultimate Moorpark has given my son the tools he needs to build his confidence and control the way he acts when bullied. He has transformed into a more confident, proud, motivating, and caring person. He works very hard and doesn't let the little things bother him like they did before. In addition, he works hard at school. His grades had been of some concern but now he doing so well. I am so happy with this Dojo and what it has done for my son. The huge smile he has when he is tired and sweaty coming out of lesson says it all. Thank you Sensei Eric and Sensei Lucian for all that you have done for my son. We are proud members of Z Ultimate and I look forward to what's coming in the future.


Jake Ross
Jake Ross

My name is Jake Ross and I am a Junior Black Belt at Beverly Hills Z-Ultimate Dojo. I have been studying at this Dojo for over six years and I love training here! Throughout the years I have grown to be a bigger part of this community and I genuinely feel like this studio is my second home. I have learned valuable lessons that I will carry and benefit me for the rest of my life. I admire all the Senseis and they have now become family to me; I have gained so much from their encouragement, teaching and guidance. Karate has changed my life for the better and I will continue with my training and growth for the rest of my life. I encourage everyone to try classes at Z-Ultimate regardless of your age, you will see the positive benefits physically and mentally. Join us and be a part of this healthy, fun & vibrant Dojo! I am truly proud to call Beverly Hills Z-Ultimate MY FAMILY!


My name is Brandon and I am 14 years old. I have been going to the Z-Ultimate dojo in Beverly Hills for 9 years since I was 5 years old. I have trained here from white belt until my current rank as junior black belt. I have great relationships with all of the incredible instructors and am proud to call every teacher and student at the dojo a friend. Now that I am a black belt, I have begun training to become an instructor. I can now do what I love and pass on my knowledge and love of karate to a younger generation. I would highly suggest doing it to anybody, no matter what age or gender. This program makes people tougher mentally and physically. I am a better person because of it; I am more responsible, more mature, and more respectful of others. This dojo is like my second home. I love coming here and it is always hard to leave. People here are like family. I know that this experience will always benefit me whether I become an instructor or just take away from this experience the lessons I have learned.

Happy parent
Happy parent

We chose Martial Arts for our two sons because it offers both athletic intensity and mental discipline. The first day our youngest walked into the dojo he said, straight away, that this was where he wanted to practice. Of course we loved the lessons both private and group but truly realized the greatness of the studio and its instructors when our first grader had a problem with a bully at his school. Our son felt comfortable discussing the problem with Senseis Ben and Meghan, whom he trusts overwhelmingly, and who immediately and compassionately came to his aid. To my delight they helped our son deal with the problem socially and emotionally, NOT physically. Both boys love the dojo, its instructors and their individual karate practices the way 8 and 10 year old boys should - it's fun, it's a work-out and they get to hit and kick stuff. As a parent, I love it as a safe, nurturing and genuinely inspiring outlet for my children, where I know they will learn and grow under the watchful and wonderful eye of caring instructors.

Bill Fass
Bill Fass

I stopped by the ZUltimate dojo in Redmond approximately four years ago and my life has not been the same. My motivation was to try something new and challenging and also to workout and stay in shape. I've always been goal oriented and competitive and found that martial arts worked for my personality. I set a goal to earn my Black Belt by age 60. The journey has been great. I can't say enough about my Sensei's, my fellow students, and the entire family of ZUltimate. Everyone are supportive and want you to succeed. Nothing is given to you. You need to know your material before being asked to test. The tests are very challenging and as a result there is a great feeling of achievement when earning that next belt. The journey takes time and commitment but everyone can do this if they stay with it. I honestly believe I'm a better person having been part of ZUltimate family the past four years primarily because the lessons learned in the dojo apply to life. I'm able to keep things in better perspective. I'm calmer which I perceive is a byproduct of confidence in challenging mental and physical situations. My fitness goals have also been met as I weave workouts into my forms practice.

Jacqueline Kahn
Jacqueline Kahn

Talked with friends, checked other studios and Z-Ultimate is by far the best. The individual attention even during group classes assures me of getting the maximum benefit from my training. My training has definitely made me feel better about myself and increased my self confidence through the black belt club and the tournaments.

Wolf Regener
Wolf Regener

I’ve been extremely pleased about what I have seen. I’ve seen my kids develop confidence, have the ability to get up in front of a crowd and do their forms, and realize they have to work for things in order to achieve goals and practice things that don’t come easily. I have seen my son go from very shy to now come out sparring confidently.


I wanted to learn self-defense, lose weight and get in shape.

I heard about Z Ultimate from an instructor I met at a business networking meeting. He gave me a gift certificate. After using it up, I wanted to stay and learn more from Sensei Kyle.

Irlynd Thompson (Cathy Thompson – mother)
Irlynd Thompson (Cathy Thompson – mother)

A year and some months ago when I walked through the doors at Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios in Carlsbad, California with my daughter, I could never have imagined how much our lives were about to change.

Passing through those doors and meeting Sensei Chris Brant was one of the best things that could have ever happened to us. Sensei Brant has instilled a confidence and level of respect in my daughter I would never have imagined at this age. Not only does she make learning defense moves fun for the children she makes sure that they know why they are learning the techniques and when they would need to use them.

Sensei Brant goes above and beyond being a teacher in her Dojo. She is there for all of her students and their families both in and out of class. I can honestly say we not only consider her a friend we consider her a part of our family!

I would highly recommend the Carlsbad Studio and Sensei Brant.

Rebeca Harcharik
Rebeca Harcharik

Hello. My name is Rebeca and I train at the Z-Ultimate dojo in Castle Rock, Colorado. Years ago, my brother suggested I take a women's self defense class. I was walking at the strip mall where our dojo is located on a day I was off from work. I was intrigued by the display outside the school. I talked to the instructor at the time. I tried a few classes and a month later, I signed up. That was six years ago. I am a first degree black belt. My training means a lot to me. First, it helps me deal with conflict in a healthy manner. I used to avoid it. Now, it is easier to manage. Sparring is a way to train the mind to deal with conflict in a healthy way both inside and outside the dojo. Second, my training has helped me deal with depression and anxiety. Committing to a training schedule and goals keeps me accountable and builds my confidence. Third, my training keeps me fit. I have reached fitness goals I didn't think I could reach. Last, I like the mental and physical challenges that the martial arts bring. Each degree has a new layer of challenges, both physical and mental and I welcome these challenges. They make me grow. I have made great friends and I have trained with excellent instructors and training partners. My martial arts training is an inherit part of who I am and I am grateful that I have found this sport and a great group of people to train with.

Matt Dunlap
Matt Dunlap

I started with Z Ultimate 8 years ago. I had recently finished my military service and it left me with a gigantic void in my life. I was searching for something that would give me a sense of confidence as well as the comradery i was missing. I found it instantly. As my training continued so did my passion for the art and this lifestyle. After I earned my 1st degree black belt I started assisting my chief Instructor, Master Carlson. Her tutelage led me to realize my personal best by becoming a Chief Instructor and eventually partial owner of a studio. As I navigated those waters I was so fortunate to be inspired and coached by so many both in Colorado (Master William Clark and Mr. Curtis Flick) as well as many instructors in California as well. I have never found the support system that I have with Z. Not even in the military. I am so Thankful to be a part of this amaZing company!

Serena Rasmussen
Serena Rasmussen

I can't say enough good things about the amazing experience we have had thus far at Z Ultimate. I have two boys, a 9 & 10 year old, who have been with Z Ultimate just under a year, (we moved here from NYC a year ago where they are black belts in Tae Kwon Do). In our experience every seinse we have had the pleasure of working with at various Z Ultimate studios are great.

My boys’ current teacher is Seinse Jairo who is amazing and extra exceptional! Both of my boys have focus issues and after 4 years of martial arts training, (all good experiences), no one has ever come close to making them feel more confident and self assured about their abilities to focus, learn and perform the tasks being taught. Seinse Jairo recognizes their challenges and has taught them breathing techniques that they can use both inside and outside of the studio. If they lose focus he brings them back without them feeling bad about themselves or shamed. He has a heart of gold and cares about the kids. He also has an incredible ability to teach the form and techniques of karate.

We are very grateful to have found him. He is an important part of my children getting all the benefits of Karate, (improved physical health, self esteem, focus skills and conflict resolution to name a few). So appreciative are we to have Seinse Jairo that we followed him from Westwood which greatly increased our commute time from Marina del Rey. A quote from my eldest son who still battles nausea in traffic is, "I would get car sick every week if it means I get to train with Sensei Jairo. I have to have him." What more could a parent want?

Last but not least I don't want to leave out Sensei Kim who is also in Beverly Hills now. She ran a fantastic ship at Westwood and is already doing that for Beverly Hills. We are so happy she is here too and I have complete confidence in her as a teacher and leader. The boys love group with her.

We are excited to see what these two will do for the Beverly Hills location, our new Z Ultimate home.

“The Senseis are great, and the sparring sessions are the best, even though I am hitting my dojo mates! The sparring in class helped since I am no longer scared of the bigger bullies in school. The training also helped my conditioning for basketball. My training helped me with my focus, especially when Sensei smacks me in the head when my brain wanders!”

Matthew Kahn, Westlake Village

“Talked with friends, checked other studios and Z-Ultimate is by far the best.
The individual attention even during group classes assures me of getting the
maximum benefit from my training. My training has definitely made me feel
better about myself and increased my self confidence through the black belt club
and the tournaments.”

Jacqueline Kahn, Westlake Village

“I believe that Martial Arts is more valuable in the long run. It is a skill and a
knowledge that you will use forever. The personal attention of the professional
instructions made the biggest difference in the training. Both of my kids have
gained much confidence.”

~ Heather Miller (Parent), Thousand Oaks

“I’ve been extremely pleased about what I have seen. I’ve seen my kids develop
confidence, have the ability to get up in front of a crowd and do their forms, and
realize they have to work for things in order to achieve goals and practice things
that don’t come easily. I have seen my son go from very shy to now come out
sparring confidently.”

~ Wolf Regener (Parent), Thousand Oaks

“Senseis are fantastic teachers. Great learning environment. Great teaching
of focus and discipline and self-defense for the kids. It has definitely given her
(daughter) a lot more self-confidence, strength, focus, discipline and respect for
others. Biggest benefits – Discipline, increased self-confidence, focus, respect.”

~ Annie Kahn (Parent), Westlake Village

“The Martial Arts training at Z-Ultimate is a lot more than just training. It’s about
life lessons, life skills, and character building. The instructors at Z-Ultimate make
the biggest difference. They are connected to the students and truly care about
their well-being. One of the biggest benefits is the confidence-building program.
The instructors keep it cool and fun and welcoming. As a result, students want
to be here, want to learn more and work hard. They are motivated to give their

~ Sepideh Yeoh (Parent), Oak Park

“Love the emphasis on private/small group training – helps with learning and
retention of material. It also gives the kids the opportunity to use the techniques
in practice so they could be more comfortable in actually using them if needed
in the real word. Training has given the kids confidence. The kids are free
to be themselves and don’t have to worry about being bullied or made fun
of. They can stand up for themselves and their friends and do the right thing.
Biggest benefits are 1) mental toughness and the ability to take a hit (physical or
otherwise) and keep going, 2) physical benefits – strength and flexibility.”

~ Beth Weinstein (Parent), Newbury Park

“The kids love Z-Ultimate and the Senseis make training fun. They teach the
basics of martial arts both by showing practical applications that makes learning
fun and interesting. Senseis also are genuinely vested in improving as martial
artists and as a person. They are motivating and challenging but also conscious
of one’s abilities. The strength and conditioning has improved overall health.
Understanding the mental approach to sparring and DMs has greatly improved
martial arts skills. Benefits include better overall fitness especially with strength
and balance. I have knee and ankle problems and martial arts training has been
key to prevent further injury.”

~Rico, Noelle and Nicholas Calava, Newbury Park

“The program has helped teach Neely about honor, perseverance, self-
respect, honesty, and the value of hard work. Aside from the traits, Neely has
demonstrated more focus at the dojo, at school and at home. Last week, a boy
grabbed Neely around the chest from behind. Neely used Dragon Breathes Fire
to escape, thought for a split second about flipping him on his back by sweeping
his ankles, but decided not to “since it would have hurt him.” Z-Ultimate taught
Neely how to handle the situation physically and mentally.”

~ Robert (Parent), Thousand Oaks

“The instructors are professional, dedicated, organized, and talented! Z-Ultimate
self-defense has helped give Riley confidence, esteem, focus and discipline.
The instructors and professionalism has made a big difference!”

~ Karin Warren (Parent), Newbury Park

“Excellent! Great instruction and well-balanced training. All ages seem to
flourish. Great training. Part that made the biggest difference is renewed energy
through conditioning and training, a strong reminder of the importance of self-
discipline. At 48 years young, I feel better conditioned with renewed energy.
Again, being part of a class of like-minded individuals is essential!”

~Mark Felipe, Santa Rosa Valley

“Fantastic – more important, Cozy loves it. The trainers – Steve, stands out but all have great attitudes. Biggest benefit is I have given Cozy a passion.”

~ Robert Abbott (Parent), Newbury Park, CA (Student 1 Year)

“I joined Z-USDS to get my confidence up, to lose weight, and because one of my friends turned me on to martial arts. Having a little confidence, and being nervous about joining will happen, but my friend helped me overcome this. Because of the focus and confidence, and the will, I was able to keep focus and determined to lose weight and eat right. I lost 80 lbs. I have a lot more confidence and I am very successful in my career. I would tell others they need to try this. If it weren’t for Z-USDS, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Z-USDS can be a life-changing event if you let them share the magic of martial arts with you.”

~ Jason Fisher, Thousand Oaks

“My son started at Z-USDS at age 3-1/2 years. I wanted him to develop self-respect and self-discipline. I was always meaning to start, but always put it off. One day, my Sensei threw a Gi at me and signed me up. Since then, I have been exposed to a new learning experience, and learned a humility and respect for my son I wouldn’t have done without it. It’s an experience I hope we’ll share forever. My son is a great student at school and has great confidence around other children. At age 40, I am in better shape than I’ve been after 10 years and realize I can continue to learn and grow in all aspects of my life. One of the greatest communities I’ve had the privilege of being part of. It is no longer surprising to me that the folks in class are pretty awesome people.”

~ Chris Nicholls, Thousand Oaks

“I’ve always wanted to do martial arts but never made the time. I had the excuse of school, then work, the marriage and kids. I finally decided it was time for me. At first, my martial arts intention was to complement my weight lifting and increase my flexibility. Now I lift to complement my martial arts. The arts has given me the confidence to walk away from confrontation if I can or end it as fast as necessary with as little force as needed. Martial Arts is not a sport or hobby, but an actual life style and it will affect you positively in every aspect of your life. Z-USDS is a tool to a better life.”

~ Scott Schneider, Thousand Oaks

“Though I wasn’t aware of it, my confidence suffered a lot because I fear I would not be able to physically defend myself. I am not an aggressive person, but the insecurity was still there. I can fight and because of that, I feel more confident as a man. I may never need self-defense but now I am more confident and more aggressive in my personal endeavors. My business has since shown marked improvement. I would describe Z-USDS as an incredibly professional and
disciplined organization that shows the applications of martial arts clearly both in self-defense and daily life.”

~ Tyler McAuliffe, Simi Valley

“I wanted to join as a kid but parents never had $. Visited the booth at Hermosa Fiesta, the price was right and signed up. I am more committed to my training sessions by just showing up even when I don’t feel like it. Feels like a family here. Able to help me get through the loss of both parents. A fun, energized crowd that likes to get together, to better improve themselves whether it is to workout and lose weight or to release stress from the day.”

~ Dimitrianne Lee, Gardena

“My husband and I started our two boys at Z-USDS to help with discipline and respect issues we were experiencing with them. We have seen tremendous growth and improvement in our children. Our oldest son, especially, has shown increase confidence in himself and his abilities. After watching my children train at the studio I decided to give it a try. I was looking for a way to exercise on a daily basis and not get bored with my workout. Z-USDS has definitely made the training fun and different than anything I’ve done before. I always have a great group class experience that is anything but ordinary. I have gone from a size 10 when I first started to a size 4 and have continued to lose inches. I get complements weekly on how great I look. This has increased my self-confidence tremendously. My children have become more respectful of those around them. They are also more aware of their surroundings and able to defend themselves when needed. Signing up for Z-USDS has been the best decision I have ever made. I always look forward to going to the dojo to workout. The classes are never boring and they keep me active. In addition to the great workout, I now have the confidence I need to protect myself if the need ever arises. My instructors are the best! They keep me motivated and encourage me every day. They not only require respect from the students but also show the students the same respect. Now that I have experienced martial arts from Z-USDS, I can’t imagine working out anywhere else.”

~ Alida Wells, Torrance

“About a year and a half ago, I suffered a serious knee injury. I didn’t think that I’d be able to continue with my training. However, after consulting with my instructor, he came up with a program that would focus on strengthening my knee and keeping it in alignment with my physical therapy. As a result, I am surprising my friends, family, even my therapists with my progress/results. I’d tell my friends that I’ve been lucky to find a place where people know how to instruct, guide, and motivate me by working me hard but I am having a blast working! It’s a balance that only Z-USDS can maintain.”

~ Jana, Redondo Beach