I can't say enough good things about the amazing experience we have had thus far at Z Ultimate. I have two boys, a 9 & 10 year old, who have been with Z Ultimate just under a year, (we moved here from NYC a year ago where they are black belts in Tae Kwon Do). In our experience every sense we have had the pleasure of working with at various Z Ultimate studios are great. My boys’ current teacher is Sensei Jairo who is amazing and extra exceptional! Both of my boys have focus issues and after 4 years of martial arts training, (all good experiences), no one has ever come close to making them feel more confident and self assured about their abilities to focus, learn and perform the tasks being taught. Sensei Jairo recognizes their challenges and has taught them breathing techniques that they can use both inside and outside of the studio. If they lose focus he brings them back without them feeling bad about themselves or shamed. He has a heart of gold and cares about the kids. He also has an incredible ability to teach the form and techniques of karate. We are very grateful to have found him. He is an important part of my children getting all the benefits of Karate, (improved physical health, self esteem, focus skills and conflict resolution to name a few). So appreciative are we to have Sensei Jairo that we followed him from Westwood which greatly increased our commute time from Marina del Rey. A quote from my eldest son who still battles nausea in traffic is, "I would get car sick every week if it means I get to train with Sensei Jairo. I have to have him." What more could a parent want? Last but not least I don't want to leave out Sensei Kim who is also in Beverly Hills now. She ran a fantastic ship at Westwood and is already doing that for Beverly Hills. We are so happy she is here too and I have complete confidence in her as a teacher and leader. The boys love group with her. We are excited to see what these two will do for the Beverly Hills location, our new Z Ultimate home.
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