Good day everyone, I wanted to let everyone know how happy I am that my family found the Martial Arts. Several years ago my daughter was running into bully problems at school and twice ended up in the vice principals office in the same week. After talking to my daughter about it she informed me that it had been going on for a while.
Meanwhile my son had run across a booth at a local spring fair for 2 weeks of free training. I figured nobody gives away free training there’s got to be a hitch somewhere. My Son and Daughter both tried out their 2 week intro lessons and were completely amazed at how easily the instructors could show them how to do things they had only seen at the movies.
Needless to say I enrolled my Daughter into the program, I was amazed at the things I was watching my daughter do. Unfortunately the bullying didn’t stop and I was once again called into the schools office. I talked to the Vice Principal about moving either my daughter or the young man that was causing the problem, the Principal told me that it wasn’t practical to move either student. The Vice Principal didn’t like my attitude when I informed him that my Daughter had been enrolled into self defense classes and she also had my permission to do whatever she deemed necessary to keep her safe and out of harm’s way. I also informed him that if there was just one more incident between my Daughter and the other young man that I would be in his office promptly to rectify the situation with him and then the parents of the other student if he didn’t get busy and fix the problem at hand.
After all that I received a phone message the next day informing me that the other student had been moved to another class, where he continued to cause trouble with other female students. I couldn’t have been prouder of my daughter then the day I got a phone call from the school to find out that my Daughter had been in a fight with 3 other students! As it turned out a friend of my Daughter’s was being beat up by 3 other students while a teacher standing just 10 feet away did nothing for the poor student lying on the ground in the fetal position getting kicked and punched!! My Daughter stepped up and shoved two of the students apart into the lockers lining the hall and the other one got shoved back several steps. My Daughter then helped her friend up and walked him to the nurses office, where 2 of the other girls ended up after complaining about back pain. Apparently the lock’s on the lockers weren’t too comfortable.
When I got there I once again talked to the Vice Principal and had to explain that my Daughter didn’t do anything wrong, in fact I would have been mad at her if she hadn’t of done anything for her friend. The Vice Principal didn’t like me much when I showed how much I didn’t care about the school policy on fighting.
All in all I couldn’t be prouder of my Daughter and all she has accomplished due to her training. I also couldn’t be prouder of the Instructors she has had on her path through life. They all have left a positive impression on my Daughter, she is now considering on becoming an Instructor herself at her home Dojo.
Thanks to everyone in the Z Nation for making such an impact in my family, our community and the world as a whole, you do make a difference!!
Respectfully, Sensei Carl Williams

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