Hello. My name is Rebeca and I train at the Z-Ultimate dojo in Castle Rock, Colorado. Years ago, my brother suggested I take a women's self defense class. I was walking at the strip mall where our dojo is located on a day I was off from work. I was intrigued by the display outside the school. I talked to the instructor at the time. I tried a few classes and a month later, I signed up. That was six years ago. I am a first degree black belt. My training means a lot to me. First, it helps me deal with conflict in a healthy manner. I used to avoid it. Now, it is easier to manage. Sparring is a way to train the mind to deal with conflict in a healthy way both inside and outside the dojo. Second, my training has helped me deal with depression and anxiety. Committing to a training schedule and goals keeps me accountable and builds my confidence. Third, my training keeps me fit. I have reached fitness goals I didn't think I could reach. Last, I like the mental and physical challenges that the martial arts bring. Each degree has a new layer of challenges, both physical and mental and I welcome these challenges. They make me grow. I have made great friends and I have trained with excellent instructors and training partners. My martial arts training is an inherit part of who I am and I am grateful that I have found this sport and a great group of people to train with.
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