I have always had an interest in Martial Arts because it helps you grow physically, emotionally reinforcing core values and I wanted my children to enrich their lives and become more confident.

I thought about it for quite sometime, until one afternoon right after my dental appointment we were walking in Kent Station when Sensei Jennifer approached us and asked us if we would like to try a lesson at Z. I was about to answer when my kids already said yes, when do we start? I knew then, they both were ready to embark in a new adventure.

Without hesitating we were booked for a lesson on a Saturday morning. Sensei Jennifer was waiting for us, my kids truly enjoyed this experience. While they were in their lesson, I was asked to fill-out a registration form and I was thrilled to find out how karate can improve behavior, academics, health... I just could not believe it!

The answer I was hoping for was right there! My boy would finally learn the skills to have more self-control and focus while reinforcing the core values we have at home and he would have the opportunity to interact with peers that are pursuing the same. Wow! Could it get any better? Yes!
My daughter, a 2nd grader, was shy, and I was wishing to see a more confident girl with great self-esteem...
I was ready for this opportunity, I had no doubt!
Then, after I made a commitment to register both, I met Sensei Carl Williams. What can I say, Sensei Carl has been an Extraordinaire Instructor. He knows the needs of each student from the youngest one to adults. He works with all of them in the group classes and targets specific needs and training during private lessons.

Before (May 2014), my son had difficulty showing self-control, focusing and staying on task. Sensei Carl has worked with him during challenging moments and although it is a working progress, he has improved his focus and increased self-control.
Has it been easy? Of course not! but I am extremely grateful to Sensei Carl for teaching him the skills that are helping him to become a better person.

Lets talk about my daughter. Remember that shy 2nd Grader? Not anymore! My daughter is passionate about practicing in the Dojo and at home. She has grown in confidence and I am giving her a priceless gift... how to protect herself. It was within a month when she asked me if she could try sparring. I was not sure about it. I spoke with Sensei Carl and he encouraged her to do it, so I supported my daughter on her decision. This past September was her first tournament, I could not believe she wanted to participate!
I was afraid, but who would say... she won 4th place in Sparring and I owe all this to Z Ultimate, who found us and to Sensei Carl who works non-stop everyday in bringing out the Best in each Student.

And... guess what! This is for busy Moms too. I took a couple of lessons on self-defense with Sensei Carl and it was a Fabulous Experience! I work for a school, and since then, I have been able to deescalate angry students and teach them the very first thing you will learn when taking lessons: Taking Slow Deep Breaths.
Something so simple, can become difficult rushing around all the time. Try it! It works!

Thank You Z! and Thank You Sensei Carl and Team Kent!

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