My name is Jake Ross and I am a Junior Black Belt at Beverly Hills Z-Ultimate Dojo. I have been studying at this Dojo for over six years and I love training here! Throughout the years I have grown to be a bigger part of this community and I genuinely feel like this studio is my second home. I have learned valuable lessons that I will carry and benefit me for the rest of my life. I admire all the Senseis and they have now become family to me; I have gained so much from their encouragement, teaching and guidance. Karate has changed my life for the better and I will continue with my training and growth for the rest of my life. I encourage everyone to try classes at Z-Ultimate regardless of your age, you will see the positive benefits physically and mentally. Join us and be a part of this healthy, fun & vibrant Dojo! I am truly proud to call Beverly Hills Z-Ultimate MY FAMILY!

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