We chose Martial Arts for our two sons because it offers both athletic intensity and mental discipline. The first day our youngest walked into the dojo he said, straight away, that this was where he wanted to practice. Of course we loved the lessons both private and group but truly realized the greatness of the studio and its instructors when our first grader had a problem with a bully at his school. Our son felt comfortable discussing the problem with Senseis Ben and Meghan, whom he trusts overwhelmingly, and who immediately and compassionately came to his aid. To my delight they helped our son deal with the problem socially and emotionally, NOT physically. Both boys love the dojo, its instructors and their individual karate practices the way 8 and 10 year old boys should - it's fun, it's a work-out and they get to hit and kick stuff. As a parent, I love it as a safe, nurturing and genuinely inspiring outlet for my children, where I know they will learn and grow under the watchful and wonderful eye of caring instructors.

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