I stopped by the ZUltimate dojo in Redmond approximately four years ago and my life has not been the same. My motivation was to try something new and challenging and also to workout and stay in shape. I've always been goal oriented and competitive and found that martial arts worked for my personality. I set a goal to earn my Black Belt by age 60. The journey has been great. I can't say enough about my Sensei's, my fellow students, and the entire family of ZUltimate. Everyone are supportive and want you to succeed. Nothing is given to you. You need to know your material before being asked to test. The tests are very challenging and as a result there is a great feeling of achievement when earning that next belt. The journey takes time and commitment but everyone can do this if they stay with it. I honestly believe I'm a better person having been part of ZUltimate family the past four years primarily because the lessons learned in the dojo apply to life. I'm able to keep things in better perspective. I'm calmer which I perceive is a byproduct of confidence in challenging mental and physical situations. My fitness goals have also been met as I weave workouts into my forms practice.

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