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Many times, when someone decides that they want to start a martial arts program, they check with friends they have that are in martial arts program; they look at mixed martial arts on television, they may even pick up a martial arts magazine or search the Internet for information to find out what they think is the best “style” of martial arts.

This process ignores and misses out on the ONE most important question that MUST be answered before you can even begin to choose a program that is right for you, and that is…

“Who are you and what do you want out of your training?”

This is the single most important question you can ask to save yourself a ton of time and make sure that you pick the right school for yourself.

You want to define (or describe ) yourself truthfully: are you young, old, skinny, not-so-skinny, athletic, couch potato, busy executive or college student, working or stay-at-home Mom; is your child 4 or 14, outgoing or introverted, high energy or really mellow; the list goes on and on.

Why do you want to do this? You want choose a program that has students in it that are just like you, with a first class environment that you are comfortable in, teaches in a way that will help you reach your goals and is customizable to your abilities.

If you are a twenty-five year old professional female interested in losing weight while learning some basic self-defense skills,  a smelly, damp, poorly-lit dojo with a bunch of sweaty, twenty-something college aged men all wrestling around, beating each other to a pulp is probably not the best fit for your needs.  One class at that location and you would run from ever training in the martial arts again.

You have to know who you are and what you want before you start looking for a school.  Some of the reasons men, women and children train are:

  • Increase confidence
  • Build self-image
  • Lose weight
  • Improve conditioning
  • Sense of belonging
  • Learn basic or advanced self defense skills
  • Pursue a traditional or historical pastime
  • Learn to compete in tournaments for sport
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Improve focus and listening skills
  • Improve self-discipline
  • Prove to themselves that they can achieve a goal if they set their mind to it
  • Keep a promise to themselves
  • Conquer a stigma from a traumatic experience earlier in life
  • Help cope with traumatic experiences such as loss of a family member or divorce

When selecting a martial arts program, you want to be able to share your goals and background with your instructor and make sure that your program can be customized to what you need.

If you are a fifty-something executive that needs to lose weight and learn how to protect himself when traveling – but cannot show up to work with a crooked nose and two black eyes from his martial arts class – then you need to make sure that your program can be customized to avoid that situation.

At Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios, we cater to forward thinking, success-minded, I-want-the-best-I-can-get adults and parents that are looking for a martial arts program they can customize to their individual needs.  If this sound like you, then follow this blue link to discover for yourself the power of personalized martial arts instruction.

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P.S. – Identifying who you are and what you want is THE most important questions you can ask yourself before you choose a martial arts program.  To have a certified martial arts instructor help you answer these questions, please follow this blue link to get in touch with your local martial arts expert.

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