Here is a great story about a Mom who became a martial artist by accident – and loves it.

Even though she had a bad experience when she was younger, she still wanted her daughter to give it a try.  While she is visiting the dojo with her daughter, she decides to give it a try as well.  Check out what happened:


My name is Christine Espe and I am a student at Z-Ultimate Thousand Oaks.

I have just received my purple belt and couldn’t be more proud!  I came to Z Ultimate with the intention of signing up my 5 year old daughter and never intended to join. I was not interested in the martial arts and had a past experience with Tae Kwon Do that I hadn’t enjoyed when I was younger.

I had one introductory class and was instantly excited when I saw how different this dojo was. The practical use of the self defense techniques intrigued me and I signed up. I have attended regularly for almost a year now and have become passionate about my training.

I love the mind/body connection which I have never gotten from the gym and the constant growth that I see in myself and my daughter. I feel empowered in learning the techniques as well as becoming physically stronger. (not to mention the stress release of punching and kicking!)

There is a family atmosphere at the dojo and I have made many friends there as well. I recommend Z Ultimate to my patients and friends and some have even joined. I will be learning  and growing in this dojo for years to come.

Thank you.”


Christine Espe


Congratulations to you on your recent promotion.  More importantly, congratulations to you on giving the martial arts a try again.  I am excited to hear about your pleasant surprise on how different Z-Ultimate is from what you expected and wish you well in your training.

Stories like Christine’s are not unusual.  While some of us may have purposely set taking martial arts classes as a goal, others of us begin training for a variety of reasons – and sometimes, almost by accident.

Here is one thing that is coming soon that won’t be an accident  – the Summer Championship Tournament.

If you haven’t seen your instructor yet to get registered, you can register online HERE, or simply see your instructor to register for the event.

Competition is one of the greatest ways to push yourself and learn more about yourself.  There is something about pushing yourself to do more than you thought you were capable of that strengthens your self-image and inner strength.

In today’s sometimes challenging times, you can never be too strong mentally or emotionally.

Oh, and by the way – you do NOT have to compete in the tournament.  You can attend as a spectator and enjoy the competition, especially the 12:00 PM events and demonstrations, with Black Belt Instructor level competition and demonstrations.

The entire day is a fun, family-friendly event and I promise you will meet people and forge friendships in the martial arts that can last a lifetime. You can get your spectator tickets online or from your instructor, too.

See you at the tournament,

Master Huff
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

P.S. – Keep your stories coming in – love reading and sharing them with everyone.

P.P.S. – If you haven’t checked them out yet, we have some stories on How to Be a Tournament Kata Champion, 6 Sparring Secrets, a Tournament FAQ and How Competition Develops Confidence. You can register for the tournament ONLINE HERE. 

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