In this short video, martial arts master 5th Degree Black Belt Ryan Lloyd shares a personal story about how competing in a martial arts tournament taught him lessons about the martial arts and life.

You might think as a student that you are the only one that might be hesitant, nervous or scared; or you might think that you “aren’t ready yet”. The truth is – we are ALL hesitant, nervous or scared sometime and you are NEVER “ready”.

Listen how Master Lloyd talks about how he felt these exact same things – and what he learned…

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  1. Sharon Daniel
    May 02, 2014 @ 23:32:09

    This is what makes Master Lloyd so wonderful. He is not only a phenomenal martial artist but an effective teacher and communicator. Under his guidance, I performed my first weapons form about two years ago and was terrified. It was at the end of the day and it felt like there were a lot of people watching. I left the anxiety outside the ring and did the best I could. To hear the cheers erupt from my family and my dojo was priceless and the anxiety was an afterthought. I never said this to my masters but I’d always wanted to be in the Olympics as a child…well I had my “Olympic moment” at the Bren that day with a second place trophy in the weapons division. Thank you Masters Lloyd for setting my compass.


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