Martial Arts Classes are About Much More Than Just Punching and Kicking –
Martial Arts Can Change Your Life Forever…

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Normally, all the information we share here at is focused on you, the student and family member of Z, or special things happening with Z-Ultimate or the martial arts.

As we like to say, “Z is all about you.”

When posting, I do not share details about my personal life or my family here on  I may use a story from growing up or about martial arts training to help make a point or share some information, but current family matters or personal information is usually classified.

Today, I am making an exception because I believe what I am about to share with you will (hopefully) touch your heart and open your mind to possibilities that you may not have noticed about your martial arts training.

That’s My Wife & Daughter in the Photo Above- and Neither Would Be in My Life If It Wasn’t for the Martial Arts

That is Mrs. Sensei and my daughter, Haley Lee in the photo above.  This was taken on Father’s Day as we enjoyed an all-you-can-eat brunch. There was much more that went on throughout the day for Father’s Day, making it one of the best days I can remember in a long time.

What made the day more meaningful for me was reflecting back and being thankful for the martial arts – because if I never started martial arts training back in 1990, and then decided to become an instructor – I never would have met Mrs. Sensei or had my daughter.

We All Come to the Martial Arts for a Reason – and the Impact The Arts Has On Us is Different for Everyone

I don’t know why you have thought about training in the martial arts or started your martial arts classes.  We all come to the martial arts for different reasons.  After twenty-plus years in the arts, both as a martial artist and instructor, I know that martial arts serves a purpose for everyone, and when that purpose has been served, the student usually moves on.

For me, I was going to move back to Florida after getting out of The Marines and I was going to be paramedic.  (The reasons I started training in the martial arts will remain classified for now.) While training here in California, my instructor asked me if I had ever thought about teaching.  I said I had not and wasn’t going to stay in California.

He told me that even though I was going to move home, I might enjoy helping others through the martial arts.  He had a point, as I was already used to serving our country through the military and had some experience in emergency medicine, which I found very fulfilling. He invited me to check it out and see what I thought…

That was twenty-something years ago.

I Never Thought My Life Would Look Like This…

Fast-forward to today.

I have helped thousands and thousands of people on their journey in the martial arts as their Sensei – something I am still proud of and humbled by to this day.

I have helped spread martial arts knowledge online into countries all over the world.

I written several books, started new companies, picked up priceless expertise in marketing, sales and the science of teaching; I have had the honor of being trained by some of the finest martial artists in the world, I have traveled and vacationed across the U.S. and the Far East.

We aren’t rich, but we aren’t in trouble either. I am extremely thankful that I am able to live in one of the most beautiful places in California and do what I love.

I share this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that all of this was possible through the martial arts.

If You Have a Good Heart, are Teachable and Enjoy Helping Others…

If you love the martial arts like I do and enjoy helping others – even if you have never thought about it before or think it is a good fit for you – I’d like to invite you to come on down and learn more about how you could possibly become a full or part-time martial arts instructor.

You’ll be surprised that it is not as difficult as you think. The Masters of Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios have been producing top-notch instructors for decades and have they system of creating instructors down to a science.

Being a martial arts instructor truly is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you will ever do. To be able to help shape future champion children, teenagers and adults of all ages in their journey through the martial arts is a gift, and Z-Ultimate would like to share that gift with people like you.

Come See for Yourself at the
First Z-Ultimate University of Professional Martial Artists Boot Camp

Z-Ultimate is launching the Z-Ultimate University of Martial Arts Professionals and holding the first ever Z-Ultimate Boot Camp, starting Sunday, July 15th – and we’d like to invite you to attend.

As a special bonus, we are also offering a Z-Ultimate Boot Camp Preview on Sunday, June 24th, from 0930 to 1100 at our National Headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.

For more information on the Z-Ultimate Boot Camp, visit

For more information on the Z-Ultimate Boot Camp Preview, ask your instructor or simply show up on Sunday, June 24th.

You  Can Do This, Even If You Do Not Live
in the Southern California Area…

Z-Ultimate University of Professional Martial Artists are forming classes in all territories of Z-Ultimate, so if you don’t live in Southern California, you can still register and attend a Z-Boot Camp in your area.

Go to and register for a Z-Boot Camp in your area.

The martial arts truly can change your life.  Give yourself the gift of learning how you may be able to give back and help others as a martial arts instructor.

Who knows; maybe you will discover being a martial arts instructor is your true calling!


Master Huff
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

P.S. – Even if you just want to help out as an instructor once in awhile – maybe a class here or there, one night a week or whatever – if you are interested at all, go to and register for the Z-Boot Camp.

If you want to help others through the martial arts, we would love to show you how you can.  See you at the Z-Boot Camp.

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