There are many reasons why people choose  to compete in Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios tournaments, like the Summer Grand Championship Martial Arts Tournament coming up this weekend on Sunday, June 9th.

You could compete because you are looking for something that fires you up, like when you were younger and competing in other sports or activities. You could be looking to test yourself and see how you compare to other people your age and skill level.

Maybe you go because you have gone before and loved the family atmosphere, the competitiveness and the sense of accomplishment for challenging yourself to get out on the floor and compete.

Or, you could be like Miss Jolene, featured in the video above.

Miss Jolene got started in the martial arts because of her son.  Off camera, she told me how she competes to share a common bond with him, along with getting that feeling of accomplishment that goes with pushing yourself to do something greater than you thought possible.

Imagine how great she felt when she became a tournament champion – after only five months of training.

I hope you enjoy the video.


William Huff, Jr.
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

P.S. – There are many reasons why people DO NO’T choose to compete in tournaments; I know that I had my own reasons for not competing up until I was a green belt.  I’ll address some of those reasons why in future posts, but for now, think about how scary it probably was for Miss Jolene before she competed – and look at her smiling face now. She’s a great example of how we can do anything if we put our mind to it.

P.P.S. – It is NOT too late to get registered for the tournament. CLICK HERE to get details and get registered NOW.

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