Here is a quick note from a student who – along with the entire family – train in one of our Midwest location:

“I have seen such an improvement in my health and weight since joining Z-Ultimate Karate.

I was over weight, blood pressure climbing, and my health in question. For years, I have had problems with my inadequate lung capacity. I was worrying about how I would ever be able to get my health under control because my job was starting to look at those that don’t take care of their health.

Several individuals that I have known over the years were into the Martial Arts and have always wanted to learn what my friends learned. One day, we were contacted by one of the instructors about trying out this Dojo. I wanted to right away. I knew that this would fulfill my life-long desire to learn some Martial Arts.

Over the past few months, I have lost at least 2 inches around my waist, lost at least 5 pounds, toned my body and have improved my lung capacity, blood pressure and my energy level. My stamina has improved and my willingness to get up, bend down, play and do more because of my increased level of activity and health.

The people that attend the Dojo are like family. They are friendly, happy and feel like family as we all work towards health and wellness. The Sensei’s (instructors) are friendly, happy, insightful and patient about teaching the moves and steps that we all need to not only get us fit, but to help us to protect ourselves.

I recommend this to anyone is interested in getting fit, learning how to protect yourself, and to have a better outlook on life.”

-Arlene Lively
Z-Ultimate Overland Park North, Kansas

Miss Arlene, congratulations to you and keep up the good work.  I am glad to hear the Z-Ultimate and martial arts training is helping to improve your health and quality of life.

Arlene is just one of the many stories that have come in after my last e-mail requesting to hear your stories about martial arts, life and Z-Ultimate; I am getting inspirational stories everyday and will continue to share them with you.


Master Huff

P.S. – One of the great ways to find out if your level of fitness is competition-grade or not is to put yourself in a competitive situation and see how your body responds.  A great opportunity to do this is the upcoming Z-Ultimate Summer Championship Tournament.  Go to to learn more or register online today.

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