Martial Arts Helps Develop "The Force"

In the Star Wars series of movies, creator George Lucas drew upon many principles of spirituality, martial arts, mythology, the journey of self discovery and more.

One of these ideas was called, “The Force”. Obi-Wan Kenobi said in the original Star Wars, “Well, The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It is an energy force created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.”

In the martial arts, “The Force” is called “Chi” (pronounced chee) and has been referred to in the past as a life force, life energy or internal energy.

I want to share with you the story of a place I visited in China (and you will get the chance to visit if you go on the Z-Ultimate China Tour this summer) where you can actually FEEL “The Force” in the air and learn how to strengthen yours. Here is the story…

A Temple Hidden In the Mountains

It was the summer of 2001 and I was with some martial arts masters and a guide in China. We were headed to the Shaolin Temple, but took a side trip to another temple we were told rarely took visitors. This temple was far off the beaten path, high up in the mountains and we needed a special invite just to be seen.

We pulled up to the gates, waited and were finally allowed inside.

We were told this was one of the oldest temples in all of China. While being shown the various great halls and other areas, I believed it. Some of the ornate carvings and paintings on the walls looked like something right out of a documentary on ancient Chinese history.

Gold, purple and red colors flooded each room with life; intricate depictions of dragons, wind, monks and clouds decorated the walls and ceilings. You could feel the history in each and every room.

But nothing prepared me for what I was about to feel…

It Was Like Being Plugged Into a Power Outlet

We were escorted out of a great hall and told we were going to an area where the monks trained that visitors were usually never permitted to see. When the doors opened to this area, I was struck with a sense of awe.

It was a huge stone courtyard surrounded by buildings on three sides with the end opening to a stunning view of towering green mountains and a canyon; there was a fog at the base of the mountains, making it look like the mountains were taller than the clouds.

There was a giant gnarled tree, jutting out of the center of the courtyard, with the mountain vista acting as a backdrop. The view literally took my breath away.

What I was NOT ready for was what happened when I stepped out onto the stone deck…

It was as if I had stepped on something electrified. A buzzing, humming feeling shot up my legs and pulsed throughout my body. It was energizing, exhilarating, calming and joyful all at the same time. I almost couldn’t contain my emotions.

I also thought that just maybe, this was all in my head so I better not say anything. I was quickly proved wrong about being crazy when one of the masters I was with turned to the other master and said, “Wow. Do you feel that?” The other master said he did.

It was the first time in my martial arts career – and in my life – I had EVER felt anything like that. The energy of that place was undeniable. The power, the calmness – it was almost indescribable.

We were later told that because of the location of this temple in the mountains, the position of the tree in the center of that courtyard and all the meditation and practice done in that area over thousands of years that the Chi in this place was very, very strong.

While I know Chi is real and I know martial arts training helps you to develop it – if you would have told me a place like this exists where the energy is so strong you can feel it – I wouldn’t have believed you. Well, this place does exist because I have been there – I felt it.

Now – you have the chance to visit this temple and feel it for yourself…

Join Us at the Fawang Temple of China and See How Monks Develop Their “Force”

If you join us for the China Tour, you are going to get to visit the temple where this kind of energy is present – the Fawang Temple.

Fawang Temple, China

It is the 2nd oldest temple in China and home to Buddhist monks that train in the internal martial arts every day. The internal martial arts – like different forms of Kung Fu and Tai Chi – develop your internal energy or Chi. Your Chi is also trained any time you do any sort of activity which requires you to perform deep breathing.

At the Fawang Temple, you will get to see first-hand how these monks practice exercises that develops internal energy and if you are fortunate enough – you will get to “feel” it for yourself.

What’s crazy is that the Fawang Temple is just ONE of the three temples you will visit on the tour, not to mention the trips to Shanghai and Beijing. Trips like this truly are “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences so if you have ever wanted to visit China, this trip will be one you will remember forever.

Spaces are limited and the first 100 seats are already taken for the China Tour. If you want more information or would like to register now, please go to the Z-Ultimate China Tour page.


Master William Huff, Jr.
China Tour Team Member

P.S. – Every time you go to class, practice deep breathing or even stop and just focus on your breathing, you are developing your Chi. On the China Tour, we are going to visit three temples that all practice Chi exercises as well as other martial arts techniques, drills and exercises – and YOU are going to learn some of these exercises, too. You won’t be the same martial artist you were once you get back from this trip…

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