Do you ever feel that even though you have been studying for a while, going to class, practicing on your own and moving up the ranks, you still don’t fully understand how to spar?

You are not alone. When it comes to sparring, this happens to almost every single student of the martial arts. It happened to me, too.

In case we haven’t met, my name is William Huff, Jr., and I am a 5th Degree Black with Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios. I have been training in the martial arts for twenty-two years and, like many students, I thought I was no good at sparring.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed sparring. It was fun and exciting and I wanted to be better at it. But, I felt like I didn’t understand it. I was terrified every time I went out on the mat because things moved too fast; I couldn’t remember what I had been taught fast enough to respond. Worse, I was so nervous because I felt I didn’t know what I was doing that when the match was over, I hardly remembered one thing that happened!

Here is the story:

I attended a black belt instructor workout being led by Shihan Paul Taylor. After being on the receiving end of a tough sparring match with another Black Belt, Shihan Taylor invited me to a workout with two other Black Belts he had been watching. We met the next day in the dojo and a life-changing lesson began.

First he had us spar with each other. He just stood there, arms crossed and one hand holding his chin. He didn’t say a word. You could tell he was dissecting every single detail of what we were doing – even at full speed.

When he had seen enough, he lined us up against the wall and said, “Listen to me; I can tell by watching that you have talent – you just don’t understand.”

Then, with just a few bo staffs, some old karate belts and a heavy bag, Shihan Taylor visually broke down just ONE idea related to distance and timing in sparring; I think it took him about five minutes. As he was explaining this concept, I could almost see and feel the big light bulb go on over my head.

The two other black belts all looked at each other and said, “This is amazing!” It was what psychologists refer to as an, “A-HA!” moment. It was simple, profound and powerful. It changed everything I knew when it came to how to spar.

After he was done explaining his concept, we went back on the deck and sparred again. This time, things were very, very different.

We were much more elusive and hard to hit. Our timing and footwork was light-years better; our controlling of the distance from our partner was markedly improved. I noticed I was getting hit much less and able to score on my opponent much more than I had just fifteen minutes earlier.

When we were done, Shihan Taylor looked at us and said, “Now you understand. What I just taught you are the fundamental keys to becoming good at sparring. It is simple and powerful. Now it is up to you to practice and sharpen your skills.”

What he shared with me that day changed my martial arts and sparring skills forever. A few months later, I won the Instructors Black Belt Sparring division at the tournament using one of the exact principles he taught me.

This is the power of just ONE idea. Imagine if I would have missed the workout that led to the opportunity to train with Shihan Taylor?

Now, YOU now have your chance to learn your ONE idea from Shihan Taylor.

While Shihan Taylor no longer teaches full-time at a dojo (unless you are a high-ranking Black Belt instructor, it is almost impossible to get a lesson with him), his passion is teaching others and passing on his wealth of knowledge to students just like you.

If you haven’t heard, Shihan Taylor has formed the Kenpo Lineage Association to honor the lineage of our influential martial arts masters and to preserve and pass on the knowledge of our Kenpo system. To do this, he has scheduled KLA Seminars in each Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios territory.

In these seminars, Shihan Taylor dives into concepts and principles hidden in your current material you have already been taught AND he is going to show you simple yet powerful principles of sparring that are going to change your sparring skills forever.

It is not every day you get a chance to train with someone that is a true master in their field. Shihan Taylor has over forty years of martial arts experience and a deep understanding of what really works in the martial arts. He has directly taught or influenced hundreds of thousands of martial artists in his career. Getting the chance to train with Shihan Taylor is like being a student of painting and getting a lesson with Picasso; your skills will never be the same.

There are seminars coming to your area right now. I am sure you have more questions. You can get more information and enroll online for the next event in your area by going to

I can’t recommend strongly enough that you attend one of these events. I know – from first-hand experience – what Shihan Taylor can do for your martial arts knowledge and skill. I will never forget that day and the lessons he shared with me.

I hope you get to experience it for yourself. Please don’t miss out.

Yours in the arts,

Master Huff

P.S. – The first seminar series Shihan Taylor held sold out very quickly. There are only 50 spaces available for each event (which are broken down by rank) so that we can provide a high level of quality instruction. For more details or to register now, please go to

P.P.S. – Here is video footage from this past weekend’s event:

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