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Become a Part of Kenpo History & Join Us for the Inaugural Kenpo Lineage Association Event

Come join the Z-Ultimate family as we honor the lineage of our Kenpo forefathers and get to train with two of the most influential Kenpo martial artists alive today.

Coming to three cities – Huntington Beach, California; Seattle, Washington and Denver, Colorado – you can train with Grandmasters & Shihans, 10th Degree Black Belts Joe Nesta and Paul Taylor in an intensive, multi-hour training session. The Shihans are going to dive into "the deep end of the pool" in our Ultimate Kenpo system, sharing concepts developed in their combined eighty-plus years of kenpo knowledge.

This series of seminars is like NOTHING Z-Ultimate or Shihans Nesta and Taylor have ever done.

Register for the Kenpo Lineage Association seminar and you receive:

  • A multi-hour training session with Grandmasters & Shihans Joe Nesta & Paul Taylor 
  • Become a Founding Member of the Kenpo Lineage Association
  • Discounts on future events
  • A commerative Kenpo Lineage Association patch
  • The Official Kenpo Lineage Association Members Certificate
  • Your name engraved on the Founding Members Kenpo Lineage Association plaque, which will be proudly displayed at Z-Ultimate National Headquarters.

All for only $149…


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Seattle, Washington:

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Denver, Colorado

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The Kenpo Lineage Association

The concept of the Kenpo Lineage Association began to be formulated by Grandmaster Paul Taylor after he was promoted and bestowed the honor of 10th Degree Grandmaster on January 8th, 2011.  As a Kenpo practitioner since the age of 10, he felt a deep commitment to not only continue the legacy of the Ultimate Kenpo System, but to find a way to honor and acknowledge all of the great Monks, Masters, and Grandmasters that have forged the path to benefit all Martial Arts practitioners.   Although they may have now long passed, their life commitment to the Martial Arts should be honored and preserved so that future generations of practitioners can still learn from their teachings and living examples of excellence.

The Symbolism of the Kenpo Lineage Association Logo:

The most predominate aspect of the Kenpo Linage Association logo is the Gold Roof Pagoda.  This represents “the place of learning”, whether in a dojo, or the vast temples and training facilities that have been the havens used to develop the practices and disciplines of the Martial Arts.

The first symbol under the Gold Pagoda Roof is the Covered Fist which represents “peace over power” and is also a recognized universal symbol of Martial Arts.  It further honors and recognizes all of the great Martial Arts Masters, amongst all systems of Martial Arts, for their contributions and lifelong dedication to the practices and disciplines of the Martial Arts which has proven to benefit every generation of practitioner after them.

The second symbol under the Gold Pagoda Roof is the Heart which represents and honors Professor William Kwai Sun Chow.  Practitioners that knew him said he had the “Heart of a Warrior”, which is essential to any form of high level achievement.  Professor Chow was also known as “Thunderbolt Chow” for the immense power he delivered through his hand strikes.  Professor Chow was one of the most influential instructors of Professor Cerio.

The third symbol under the Gold Pagoda Roof is the Rose which represents and honors Professor Nicholas Cerio.   Professor Cerio had displayed the image of the rose on his uniform patch to symbolize the beauty of the Martial Arts.  Professor Cerio had founded Nick Cerio’s Kenpo and Nick Cerio’s International Martial Arts Association (NCIMAA) and is still an icon in the Kenpo System for being an amazing Martial Artist.

The fourth symbol under the Gold Pagoda Roof is the Mountain and Stream which represents and honors Grandmaster Joseph Nesta.   Grandmaster Nesta has the combination of the mountain and stream displayed on his uniform patch to symbolize the strength and fluency of the Martial Arts.  Grandmaster Nesta was a student of Professor Cerio for more than a decade and became his highest ranked Black Belt in the United States (7th Degree) in Nick Cerio’s Kenpo.

After Professor Cerio's untimely death on October 7,1998, then Shihan Nesta, continued his training with Professor Larry Garron for twelve years and received his 10th Degree Black Belt and Grandmaster’s honor.

The fifth and final symbol under the Gold Pagoda Roof is the Red Sun and Gold Z which represents and honors Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios and Ultimate Kenpo.

The red sun symbolizes the power and passion for life and the Martial Arts.  The gold Z symbolizes the value of knowledge and the vital importance is has for you to respect and treasure.  Ultimate Kenpo is a dynamic blend of Karate, Kung-Fu, and Jiu Jitsu.  It is an "open minded" system based on the Classical, Practical, and Tactical principles of all Martial Arts.

Collectively, the Kenpo Lineage Association Logo celebrates the timeless traditions and values of the Martial Arts while recognizing and honoring the accomplishments of the past Monks, Masters, and Grandmasters. The Kenpo Lineage Association Logo patch is to be worn high on the practitioner's back to acknowledge and show respect to the generations of great Martial Artists behind us.  Although they are no longer living amongst us, their legacy will forever serve as an inspiring example to those practitioners that choose to honor their achievements.

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