The Kenpo Lineage Association is Proud to Announce “Weapons of Budo”
Featuring 8th Degree Black Belt Master Frank Ley

The Kenpo Lineage Association is proud to announce that 8th Degree Black Belt Shihan Frank Ley will be touring the Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios territories, starting April 25th in the beautiful state of Colorado, and wrapping up in Southern California in June.

Shihan Ley will be sharing with KLA Members and Z-Ultmate Students “Shuji No Kon Sho” – a fighting bo kata that teaches how to handle and defend yourself using a bo staff or similar weapon. The bo staff is one of the most efficient and practical weapons for self defense and is an excellent way to be introduced to weapons training.

No matter your rank, skill level or experience, you will be blown away by Shihan Ley’s skills, mastery of the bo and his ability to show you how you can protect yourself using the bo staff.

Spaces are limited, so enroll today by clicking the button below and registering today:

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