Here is a great story from one of our instructors in the Midwest, who was a pizza delivery man before starting his journey in the martial arts:

"Master Huff,

A few years ago I moved to Denver, Colorado.   There I was working as a pizza delivery driver and training to participate in a sprint triathlon, which is on my list of "to do before 30".  My training was going well until I snapped my humerus bone snow boarding.  
During the healing process I lost some range of motion and could not swim laps.  I needed to find a new way to get/stay in shape and I always wanted to do martial arts and thought it would be a great way to meet some new people.  
I looked around and found our Denver South studio.  Within a week of walking in the door I was a student.  By the time I hit yellow belt I knew that I wanted to be an instructor.  My sensei hooked me up with the university right before getting my blue belt.  
The day I got my red belt was one of the happiest days of my life.  Since joining the university, I have gotten my own school in Overland Park Kansas, personally met the entire Board of Masters, most of the new masters, changed my life for the better as well as many students lives, made friends from all over the country including Utah, Northern and Southern California, Chicago, Kansas, and Denver, and I also crossed one thing off my list of "to do before 30" when I recently earned my black belt.
Needless to say my life has changed considerably for the better since becoming an instructor for Z Ultimate.  I am not only financially stable, but I am happy with my career, which is more than I can say for a lot of my high school friends.  And who knows,I have 1 more year until the big 30 so I may still get to cross the triathlon off my list!

Thank you Z Ultimate for all that you have done for me and helped me to achieve on my own!"

Sensei Adam Goldstein
ZUSDS Overland Park North
Congratulations on your journey and your accomplishments, Mr. Goldstein.  You are an example of how someone can start training in the martial arts for their own reasons, yet end up on a path to becoming an instructor.
Regardless of your experience or skill level, if you think there is a chance that you would like to help teach other martial artists – even if it is just as an assistant once in awhile – then the upcoming Z-Ultimate University of Martial Arts Professionals Open House this Saturday, June 29th at Z-Ultimate National Headquarters is a great way to find out how you can get started on that journey.
For more information, head on over to the ZUUMAP Web page and register for the event. You may also contact your instructor.
Master Huff
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios
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