Today I have another great story that shows how “you never know” where you are going to end up when you start martial arts training.

This instructor had his martial arts career started by being in a traffic accident!  Here is his story, in his words:

“OK sir, I am NO author….I will tell you how I got where I am e-mailing you  from today.

I at the time was a plumber, journeyman plumber. Made great money, but not too happy at work most of the time. One day running a service call my truck was hit by a girl running a red light. It tore my rotator cuff and tore my bicep tendon.

The rotator cuff was repaired and the bicep tendon was re-attached with a suture and anchor into my shoulder bone. Also from the wreck,  I had 16 epidural spinal injections. Work comp finished with me, giving me a rating of 25% whole body disability, stating that I could apply for social security disability. Talk about writing someone off..haha.

I’m stubborn, so  I joined kenpo. I felt it loosening my back and bringing range of motion back to the arm. After a few of my tests, some instructors commented on me joining the Z-University; maybe they saw something I didn’t.  

Plumbing has always been a fluctuating industry with down time in the winter months, so I decided to invest in the Z-University and give it a shot. I loved it and excelled quickly, studying at the Z-University and multiple privates.

As usual, slow times in construction left me with little work. I had graduated academy and was offered a position at one of the schools, more or less replacing my plumbing job.

I’ve never been happier to go to work and the joy of watching on of your kids pass a test is a feeling that I can’t describe. Thank you to Sensei Liz Shockley and Master William Clark  for my opportunity !”

Sensei Alton Schoomaker

Sensei Schoomaker, congratulations to you for overcoming the adversity of your car accident and having the belief in yourself that you were NOT disabled or unable to live your life.

Now, Sensei Schoomaker can serve as an inspiration and role model for others as he shares his story of where he was, how he wanted something more (and sounds like wasn’t very happy with his previous career), how he overcame adversity and how happy he is now.

Your story could be just like this – not from the “I-got-in-a-car-accident” kind of way, but in a I-want-something-more kind of way.

If you would like to find out how you may be able to have more through being a martial arts instructor, please go to and register for the Z-Boot Camp, coming up on July 15th.

I personally guarantee – from experience – that you will be glad you did.


Master Huff
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

P.S. – Don’t forget; even if you just want to help out once in awhile and have no interest in starting a new career, there are still opportunities for you to learn how to be an instructor and give back.  To find out more, go to and register for details.

P.P.S. – Even if you don’t live in the Southern California area, if you are interested in the Z-Boot Camp, you can go to and register for a Z-Boot Camp in your territory.

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