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Martial arts training helps develop the "Ultimate" body - the perfect balance of size, strength, speed, power, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance, regardless of age.

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Self defense training is physically demanding. Our programs pushes people past what they think is possible. As the body grows stronger, so does the mind.

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With a strong mind and strong body comes an indomitable spirit. When you know who you are and what you are capable of doing - there is nothing you can't do when you put your mind to it.

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Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones while developing a functionally fit body and improving your total body wellness. Get in world-class shape AND learn valuable self defense skills with our martial arts program
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Karate is the #1 Personal Developlment program in the world for children. Discover how our personalized martial arts for kids program builds character and develops winners in life.

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Our self defense for teens program provides a safe, structured environment for young adults mature, grow and develop relationships with their peers, all while learning valuable self defense skills.

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Students worked their karate magic at the Rocky Mountain Tournament of Champions on Saturday in Denver, Colorado.

The Mile High City crowd experienced a record-breaking turnout for the event. Families cheered for their favorite future karate masters while they kicked and punched their way to winning trophies in Weapons, Sparring and Kata events.

Special congratulations to the students and members of team Northgate, for winning the Colorado Tournament Trophy!
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3 days ago


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I was there participating as was my daughter and granddaughter.

Our Senior Instructors review the Two Man Bo Kata in preparation for a dynamic demonstration at the Z-Ultimate Grand Championship Martial Arts Tournament on Sunday, May 6th, at the Bren Events Center.

Tickets for the Tournament are available now through your studio or online at:

This presentation will demonstrate the Two Man Bo Kata that will be taught by Grandmaster Taylor at the “Weapons of Budo” series in April, May and June. Students of all ranks are encouraged to participate in this exclusive training series designed to enhance the knowledge and development of your Martial Arts skill.

Applications and online registration for the “Weapons of Budo” is available now through your studio or online at:

Your registration includes a 6’ Bo staff needed for the event and will be yours to keep. Additionally, all non-Members of KLA will receive a membership certificate to the Kenpo Lineage Association and KLA patch presented to them by Grandmaster Taylor at the conclusion of the event.
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1 week ago

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