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2 days ago

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Jane HolguinSensei Kirk got his & It looks even better in person!2 days ago

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People ask me all the time if I've had to use my karate on someone because they want hear that it works. In truth, we use karate every day in multiple ways. In fact, this morning I made it to HQ alive because I had to use my karate, today I owe it my life. I was west-bound on the 22 FWY and the fast lane was at a standstill ahead of me. The person on my left, traveling in the fast lane, didn't see it was stopped because they weren't slowing down, recognizing that a split second into my future, there would be a person slamming their breaks to my left (and likely someone behind them slamming their breaks), I took my foot off the gas and waited for the whole thing to unfold. I watched the car try to stop, then I watched it swerve slightly into my lane, out of my right peripheral I saw that I had a car in that lane. I didn't slow down further because I felt it when I had to make a move, I sped up slightly and squeezed between the swerving car in my left and the car in my right lane. There was no accident and everyone kept driving. Here's the curious thing, my heart rate was normal, my eyes became sharp, my breathing was even, I saw EVERYTHING that was happening and knew exactly what to do ... just like I do when I'm sparring really well. Karate kicked in, training kicked in, confidence, sharpness, and the ability to process kicked in. The greatest thing I've ever done for myself was take a kenpo class. So when people ask me if I've ever had to use my karate, I'm going to know exactly how to answer them. I was the first one here today because of karate. — at Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios National Headquarters. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Stacy PevarGlad your safe3 days ago
Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios National HeadquartersThank you Karla. Great post. Glad you made it to HQ safely!3 days ago   ·  1
Michael HerwayGlad you made it out of that one sir!!2 days ago
Terri Marie NashYou are an awesome Ninja. Safe travels always.2 days ago

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